Handel: Saul (CD)

Georg Friedrich Händel

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  1. Overture; PART 1 - How excellent Thy name
  2. Infernal spirits
  3. Along the monster atheist strode
  4. The youth inspir'd by Thee
  5. How excellent Thy name
  6. He comes, he comes!
  7. Oh god-like youth!
  8. Behold, o king
  9. O king, your favours
  10. O early piety!
  11. What abject thoughts
  12. Yet think, on whom this honour
  13. Birth and fortune I despise!
  14. Go on, illustrious pair!
  15. While yet thy tide of blood
  16. Thou, Merab, first in birth
  17. My soul rejects the thought
  18. See, with what a scornful air
  19. Ah! lovely youth!
  20. Sinfonia
  21. Already see the daughters of the land
  22. Welcome, welcome, mighty king!
  23. What do I hear?
  24. David his ten thousands slew
  25. To him ten thousands
  26. With rage I shall burst
  27. Imprudent women!
  28. Fell rage and black despair
  29. This but the smallest part
  30. By thee this universal frame
  31. Rack'dwith infernal pains
  32. O Lord, whose mercies
  33. Sinfonia
  34. 'T is all in vain
  35. A serpent, in my bosom warm'd
  36. Has he escap'd my rage?
  37. Capricious man, in humour lost
  38. O filial piety! o sacred friendship
  39. No, cruel father, no!
  40. O Lord, whose providence
  41. Preserve him
  42. PART 2 - Envy! eldest born of Hell!
  43. Ah! dearest friend
  44. But sooner Jordan's stream
  45. O strange vicissitude!
  46. Such haughty beauties
  47. My father comes
  48. Hast thou ob'yed my orders?
  49. Sin not, o king
  50. As great Jehovah lives
  51. From cities storm'd
  52. Appear, my friend
  53. Your words, o king
  54. Yes, he shall wed
  55. A father's will
  56. O fairest of ten thousand fair
  57. Is there a man
  58. Sinfonia
  59. Allegro
  60. Thy father is as cruel
  61. At persecution I can laugh
  62. Whom dost thou seek?
  63. No, no, let the guilty tremble
  64. Mean as he was
  65. Author of peace
  66. Symphony
  67. The time at length is come
  68. Where is the son of Jesse?
  69. O fatal consequence
  70. PART 3 - Wretch that I am!
  71. 'T is said, here lives a woman
  72. With me what woulds't thou?
  73. Infernal spirits
  74. Why hast thou forc'd me
  75. Sinfonia
  76. Whence comest thou?
  77. Impious wretch
  78. Dead March
  79. Mourn, Israel, mourn
  80. O let it not in Gath
  81. From this unhappy day
  82. Brave Jonathan
  83. Eagles were not so swift
  84. In sweetest harmony
  85. O fatal day!
  86. Ye men of Judah
  87. Gird on thy sword
  88. Dead March (arr org)
Utgitt 1998 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 3
Antall spor 88 Artist Barbara Schlick, Claron McFadden, David Cordier, Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra, Georg Friedrich Händel, George Frideric Handel, Gotthold Schwarz, Joachim Carlos Martini, Junge Kantorei, Junge Kantorei Choir, Knut Schoch, Marcel Beekman, Stephan MacLeod
Label Naxos Bestillingsnummer 855436163