Handel: Vocal Works (CD)

David Thomas

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  1. Eternal source of light divine
  2. Let all the winged race with joy
  3. Let flocks and herds their fear forget
  4. Let rolling streams their gladness show
  5. Kind Health descend on downy wings
  6. Let Envy then conceal her head
  7. United nations shall combine
  8. Blessed are they that considereth the poor and needy
  9. Blessed are they ...They deliver the poor that crieth
  10. O God, who from the suckling's mouth
  11. The Charitable shall be had in everlasting remembrance
  12. Comfort them, O Lord, when they are sick
  13. The people will tell of their wisdom
  14. Hallelujah!
  15. Te Deum - We praise thee, O God
  16. Jubilate - O be joyful in the Lord
  17. Glory be to the Father; As it was in the beginning
  18. Overture
  19. Grand entrée
  20. Ye happy people
  21. Triumph, Hymen, in the pair
  22. Still caressing, and caress'd
  23. Ye swift minutes as ye fly
  24. O bless, ye powers above
  25. Gentle Morpheus, son of night
  26. Ye fleeting shades, I come
  27. Thrice happy who in life excel
  28. Enjoy the sweet Elsian grove
  29. Thrice happy
  30. Come, fancy, empress of the brain
  31. Symphony
  32. He comes, he rises from below
  33. All hail, thou mighty son of Jove!
  34. Symphony
  35. From high Olympus' top
  36. Tune your harp, all ye Nine
  37. First dance
  38. The last dance
  39. Triumph, thou glorious son of Jove