Haydn: The Creation (USA-import) (CD)

David Thomas

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  1. PART 1 - The Representation of Chaos
  2. In the beginning; Now vanish before the holy beams
  3. And God made the firmament
  4. The marv'lous work beholds amazed
  5. And God said
  6. Rolling in foaming billows
  7. And God said
  8. With verdure clad
  9. And the heavenly hosts
  10. Awake the harp
  11. And God said
  12. In splendour bright
  13. The heavens are telling
  14. PART 2 - And God said
  15. On mighty pens uplifted
  16. And God created great whales
  17. And the angels struck
  18. Most beautiful appear
  19. The Lord is great
  20. And God said
  21. Straight opening her fertile womb
  22. Now heaven in fullest glory shone
  23. And God created man in His own image
  24. In native worth
  25. And God saw everything
  26. Achieved is the glorious work
  27. On Thee each living soul awaits
  28. Achieved is the glorious work
  29. PART 3 - In rosy mantle appears
  30. By Thee with bliss, o bounteous Lord
  31. Our duty we performed now
  32. Graceful consort!
  33. O happy pair
  34. Sing the Lord ye voices all
Utgitt 1991 Format CD
Sjanger Rock, Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 34 Artist Arleen Auger, Arleen Augér, City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Chorus, David R Murray, David R. Murray, David Thomas, Joseph Haydn, Michael Sheady, Philip Langridge, Simon Rattle
Label HMV Bestillingsnummer ANG54159.2