I Am The Great Shadow Dissection History (MC/Kassett)


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(Numbered 19 cassette boxset plus patches, flag, posters, pin and booklet)

An incredible boxset for Dissection maniacs featuring 19 cassettes including all official releases alongside many never heard recordings.

As well as the 19 tapes, the box includes:

A huge booklet with many unseen pictures
A metal pin badge
2 patches
A shaped back patch
A flag,
4 posters
A handnumbered certificate.
All housed in a heavy & massive luxurious matte black canvas box with golden hot foil stamped printing.

Full breakdown of music included:

Tape 1: The Grief Prophecy
Tape 2: Into Infinite Obscurity
Tape 3: The Somberlain Promo ’92 (Promo March ’92 / Rehearsal June ’92)
Tape 4: The Somberlain
Tape 5: Unreleased Live Recordings ’95 / Unreleased Demo ’94 / Satanized
Tape 6: Storm Of The Lights Bane – Rough Mix
Tape 7: Storm Of The Lights Bane
Tape 8: Where Dead Angels Lie
Tape 9: Gods Of Darkness Live
Tape 10: Live Legacy
Tape 11: The Hall Recordings
Tape 12: Live Rebirth
Tape 13: Rehearsal 2005
Tape 14: Maha Kali / Rough Mix 2005 / Starless Aeon / Interview
Tape 15: Winternoise Pt.1 (Live in Osnabrück/Germany 2006)
Tape 16: Winternoise Pt.2 (Live in Osnabrück/Germany 2006)
Tape 17: Reinkaos
Tape 18: Reinkoas – Instrumental Rehearsal
Tape 19: Midsummer Massacre Rehearsal (last Dissection rehearsal ever)
Utgitt 2021 Format MC/Kassett
Sjanger Metal Antall disker 19
Artist Dissection Bestillingsnummer DSR118