Ireland: Songs (CD)

John Ireland

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  1. The advent (wds. A. Meynell)
  2. Hymn for a child (wds. S. T. Warner)
  3. My fair (wds. A. Meynell)
  4. The salley gardens (wds. W. B. Yeats)
  5. The soldier's return (wds. S. T. Warner)
  6. The scapegoat (wds. S. T. Warner)
  7. Santa Chiara, 'Palm Sunday, Naples'
  8. Tryst (In Fountain Court)
  9. The Adoration
  10. The Rat
  11. Rest
  12. Tutto è sciulto
  13. Spring sorrow
  14. The Trellis (wds. A. Huxley)
  15. My true love hath my heart (wds. Sir Philip Stanley)
  16. When I am old
  17. Spleen
  18. Love is a Sickness full of Woes
  19. If there were dreams to sell
  20. If we must part
  21. Beckon to me to come
  22. In my sage moments
  23. It was what you bore with, woman
  24. The tragedy of that moment
  25. Dear, think not they will forget you
  26. Summer schemes
  27. Weathers
  28. Her song
  29. I have twelve oxen
  30. Great things
  31. Earth's Call, 'A Sylvan Rhapsody'
  32. Hope the Hornblower
  33. Memory (wds. W. Blake)
  34. When daffodils begin to peer (wds. Shakespeare)
  35. English May (wds. D. G. Rossetti)
  36. I was not sorrowful (wds. E. Dowson)
  37. I will walk on the earth (wds James Villa Blake)
  38. Ladslove
  39. The heart's desire
  40. When I am dead, my dearest
  41. What art thou thinking of?
  42. During music
  43. Newborn
  44. The only child
  45. Hope
  46. Skylark and nightingale
  47. The blind boy
  48. Baby
  49. Death parting
  50. The garland
  51. The Vagabond
  52. The Bells of San Marie
  53. Sea Fever
  54. The Journey
  55. Bed in Summer
  56. A Thanksgiving (wds William Cornish)
  57. All in a garden green (wds Thomas Howell)
  58. An Aside (wds. Anonymous)
  59. A Report song (wds. Nicholas Breton)
  60. The Sweet Season (wds. Richard Edwardes)
  61. The Sacred Flame
  62. Remember
  63. Love and Friendship (wds. Emily Brönte)
  64. Friendship in Misfortune (wds. anonymous)
  65. The One Hope (wds. Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
  66. We'll to the woods no more
  67. In boyhood
  68. Spring will not wait (piano solo)
  69. When lights go rolling round the sky
Utgitt 1999 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 69 Artist Arthur Johnson, Christopher Maltman, Graham Johnson, John Ireland, John Mark Ainsley, Lisa Milne
Label Hyperion Bestillingsnummer CDA67261