Jewel Box (8CD)

Elton John

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The ultimate exploration into Elton John’s extensive back catalogue, ‘Jewel Box’ encompasses a selection of deep cuts chosen by Elton himself; rarities from the earliest stage of his and Bernie Taupin’s musical journey; B-sides spanning 30 years, and songs discussed in Elton’s best-selling, critically acclaimed 2019 memoir,‘Me’. The eight discs come in a beautiful hardcover book, enclosed in an outer slipcase. Each section contains extensive notes and, for ‘Deep Cuts’, there is track-by-track commentary by Elton. The set contains an unprecedented number of previously unheard, unreleased tracks from 1967 - 1969, the years that cemented the foundations of the iconic John-Taupin partnership: ‘Jewel Box’ truly is a treasure trove for Elton John fans.

  • Disc 1. Deep Cuts
  • Disc 2. Deep Cuts
  • Disc 3. Rarities Part One 1965-1968
  • Disc 4. Rarities Part Two 1968
  • Disc 5. Rarities Part Three 1968-1971
  • Disc 6. B Sides Part One 1976-1984
  • Disc 7. B Sides Part Two 1984-2005
  • Disc 8. And This Is Me…
  1. Monkey Suit
  2. Where To Now St Peter?
  3. Mellow
  4. The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)
  5. Chameleon
  6. Gone To Shiloh
  7. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
  8. Too Low For Zero
  9. The Power with Little Richard
  10. All That I’m Allowed
  11. The Bridge
  12. The New Fever Waltz
  13. Stone’s Throw From Hurtin’
  14. The North
  15. Hoop Of Fire
  16. Boogie Pilgrim
  17. Ticking
  18. Crystal
  19. All Quiet On The Western Front
  20. Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
  21. Freaks In Love
  22. Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)
  23. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  24. House
  25. (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket
  26. Understanding Women
  27. Shoot Down The Moon
  28. Have Mercy On The Criminal
  29. Blues For Baby And Me
  30. My Quicksand
  31. Street Kids
  32. Come Back Baby Bluesology
  33. Mr Frantic Bluesology
  34. Scarecrow (Piano/Tambourine Demo)
  35. A Dandelion Dies In The Wind (Piano Demo)
  36. Velvet Fountain (Piano Demo)
  37. A Little Love Goes A Long Way (Piano Demo)
  38. If You Could See Me Now (Piano Demo)
  39. Mr Lightning Strikerman (Piano Demo)
  40. Countryside Love Affair (Piano Demo)
  41. I Could Never Fall In Love With Anybody Else (Piano Demo)
  42. I Get A Little Bit Lonely (Piano Demo)
  43. The Witch's House (Piano Demo)
  44. Get Out Of This Town (Piano/Tambourine Demo)
  45. Year Of The Teddy Bear (Piano Demo)
  46. Where It's At (Piano/Percussion Demo)
  47. Who's Gonna Love You (Piano/Percussion Demo)
  48. Nina (Band Version)
  49. Angel Tree (Piano/Guitar/Tambourine Demo)
  50. Here's To The Next Time (Piano/Tambourine Demo)
  51. Thank You For All Your Loving (Band Version)
  52. Watching The Planes Go By (Band Version)
  53. When The First Tear Shows (Arranged Band Version)
  54. Tartan Coloured Lady (Arranged Band Version)
  55. Hourglass (Band Version)
  56. 71-75 New Oxford Street (Band Demo)
  57. Turn To Me (Arranged Band Version)
  58. Reminds Me Of You (Piano Demo)
  59. I Can't Go On Living Without You(Arranged Band Version)
  60. And The Clock Goes Round (Piano Demo)
  61. When I Was Tealby Abbey (Piano Demo)
  62. I'll Stop Living When You Stop Loving Me (Piano Demo)
  63. Trying To Hold On To A Love That's Dying (Piano Demo)
  64. Sitting Doing Nothing (Band Version)
  65. Regimental Sgt Zippo (Band Version)
  66. Cry Willow Cry (Band Demo)
  67. There Is Still A Little Love (Band Demo)
  68. If I Asked You (Band Demo)
  69. Skyline Pigeon (Piano Demo)
  70. Two Of A Kind (Arranged Band Version)
  71. The Girl On Angel Pavement (Arranged Band Version)
  72. Smokestack Children (Arranged Band Version)
  73. Baby I Miss You (Band Demo)
  74. All Across The Havens (Piano/Guitar Demo)
  75. Bonnie's Gone Away (Piano/Guitar Demo)
  76. Just An Ordinary Man (Piano Demo)
  77. There's Still Time For Me (Piano/Guitar/Tambourine Demo)
  78. The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca (Piano Demo)
  79. Dick Barton Theme (Devil's Gallop) (Bread And Beer Band)
  80. Breakdown Blues (Bread And Beer Band)
  81. Taking The Sun From My Eyes (Arranged Band Version)
  82. It's Me That You Need (Band Demo)
  83. Sing Me No Sad Songs (Band Demo)
  84. The Flowers Will Never Die (Piano Demo)
  85. In The Morning (Band Demo)
  86. Open Your Eyes To The Sun (Piano/Tambourine Demo)
  87. One Time, Sometime or Never (Band Demo)
  88. Slow Fade To Blue (Piano/Guitar Demo)
  89. Rolling Western Union (Piano Demo)
  90. My Father's Gun (Piano Demo)
  91. Amoreena (Piano Demo)
  92. Burn Down The Mission (Piano Demo)
  93. Razor Face (Piano Demo)
  94. Madman Across The Water (Piano Demo)
  95. Holiday Inn (Piano Demo)
  96. All The Nasties (Piano Demo)
  97. Snow Queen
  98. Conquer The Sun
  99. Cartier
  100. White Man Danger
  101. Tactics
  102. Steal Away Child
  103. Love So Cold
  104. Les Aveux
  105. Donner Pour Donner
  106. J'veux D'la Tendresse
  107. Fools In Fashion
  108. Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You
  109. Tortured
  110. Hey Papa Legba
  111. Take Me Down To The Ocean
  112. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
  113. The Retreat
  114. Choc Ice Goes Mental
  115. A Simple Man
  116. Lonely Boy
  117. Highlander
  118. Billy And The Kids
  119. Lord Of The Flies
  120. Rope Around A Fool
  121. Medicine Man
  122. I Know Why I'm In Love
  123. Big Man In A Little Suit
  124. God Never Came Here
  125. The North Star
  126. Did Anybody Sleep With Joan Of Arc
  127. So Sad The Renegade
  128. A Little Peace
  129. Keep It A Mystery
  130. How's Tomorrow
  131. Peter's Song
  132. Things Only Get Better With Love
  133. Empty Sky
  134. Lady Samantha
  135. Border Song
  136. My Father's Gun
  137. All The Nasties
  138. I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself
  139. Philadelphia Freedom
  140. Song For Guy
  141. Sartorial Eloquence
  142. Elton's Song
  143. Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)
  144. I Fall Apart
  145. Amazes Me
  146. The Last Song
  147. American Triangle
  148. (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again Elton John and Taron Egerton
Utgitt 2020 Format 8CD
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 8
Artist Elton John Bestillingsnummer 0602507159085

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