John Adams: Nixon In China (CD)

Edo De Waart

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Dette er en re-utgivelse av den Grammy-vinnende operaen fra 1987.
Nixon In China tok for seg president Nixon sitt statsbesøk til Kina i 1972 og har blittbeskrevet som “a modern opera that shatters your preconceptions and blows you away” (Daily Telegraph) og “One of the most thrilling, funny, poignant and contentious musictheatre pieces written in my lifetime.” (The Times)


Disk 1
  1. Act I, Scene I: Beginning
  2. Act I, Scene I: Soldiers Of Heaven Hold The Sky
  3. Act I, Scene I: The People Are The Heroes Now
  4. Act I, Scene I: Landing Of The Spirit Of ´76
  5. Act I, Scene I: Your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope?
  6. Act I, Scene I: News Has A Kind Of Mystery
  7. Act I, Scene II: Beginning
  8. Act I, Scene II: You Know We´ll Meet With Your Confrere The Democratic Candidate If He Should Win
  9. Act I, Scene II: You´ve Said That There´s A Certain Well-Known Tree
  10. Act I, Scene II: Founders Come First, Then Profiteers
  11. Act I, Scene II: We No Longer Need Confucius
  12. Act I, Scene II: Like The Ming Tombs
  13. Act I, Scene III: Beginning
  14. Act I, Scene III: Ladies And Gentlemen, Comrades And Friends
  15. Act I, Scene III: Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests
  16. Act I, Scene III: Cheers
Disk 2
  1. Act II, Scene I: Beginning
  2. Act II, Scene I: Look Down At The Earth
  3. Act II, Scene I: This Is Prophetic!
  4. Act II, Scene I: At Last The Weather´s Warming Up
  5. Act II, Scene II: Beginning
  6. Act II, Scene II: Oh What A Day I Thought I´d Die!
  7. Act II, Scene II: Whip Her To Death!
  8. Act II, Scene II: Tropical Storm
  9. Act II, Scene II: Flesh Rebels
  10. Act II, Scene II: I Have My Brief
  11. Act II, Scene II: It Seems So Strange
  12. Act II, Scene II: I Am The Wife Of Mao Tse-Tung
Disk 3
  1. Act III: Beginning
  2. Act III: Some Men You Cannot Satisfy
  3. Act III: I Am No One
  4. Act III: The Maos Dance
  5. Act III: Sitting Around The Radio
  6. Act III: Let Us Examine What You Did
  7. Act III: When I Woke Up I Dimly Realized The Jap Bombers Had Given...
  8. Act III: I Have No Offspring
  9. Act III: I Can Keep Still
  10. Act III: After That The Sweat Had Soaked My Uniform
  11. Act III: Peking Watches The Stars
  12. Act III: You Won At Poker
  13. Act III: I Am Old And I Cannot Sleep


Utgitt 1987 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 41 Artist Edo De Waart, John Adams
Label Nonesuch Leverandør Warner Music
Bestillingsnummer 0075597917727