Jussi Björling - Til havs (CD)

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

179,00 17900
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  1. Now take my heart (Så tag mit hjerte)
  2. I yearn for you (Jag längtar dig)
  3. When I go myself in the dark forest
  4. Among the high pinewood trunks of the forest
  5. Till havs (Towards the Sea)
  6. Evening Mood
  7. Sverige
  8. No. 4, Sigh, sedges, sigh (wds. Fröding)
  9. No. 6, The diamond on the March snow (wds. Wecksell)
  10. King Heimer and Aslög
  11. Tonerna (Visions)
  12. Land, du välsignade (Thou blessed land)
  13. Trollsjön (The Enchanted Lake)
  14. No. 4, Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur
  15. Cantique Noël