King Of Dowling Street (3CD)

Lightnin' Hopkins

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Disk 1
  1. Moanin' Blues
  2. Leavin' Blues
  3. Late in the Evening
  4. Lightnin' Jump
  5. Long Gone Like a Turkey Through the Corn
  6. How Long Have It Been Since You Been Home
  7. Mojo Hand
  8. Glory Be
  9. How Long Has the Train Been Gone
  10. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
  11. Santa
  12. Black Mare Trot
  13. Coffee for Mama
  14. Awful Dream
  15. Sometimes She Will
  16. Shine On Moon
  17. Houston Bound
  18. Baby I Don't Care
  19. Give Me Time to Think
  20. No Education
Disk 2
  1. This Time We're Going to Try
  2. Christmas Time Is Coming
  3. Let's Work Awhile
  4. The Jet
  5. I Don't Need You Woman
  6. I Wish I Was a Baby
  7. This Crazy Song
  8. Lightnin's Love
  9. Take It If You Want It
  10. Have Have You Been
  11. My Baby Was Crying for Bread
  12. I Wonder Where She Can Be Tonight
  13. Feel Like Ballin' the Jack
  14. Rainy Day in Houston
  15. How Does It (Instrumental)
  16. A Man Like Me Is Hard to Find
  17. Movin' Out
  18. You Just Gotta Miss Me
  19. World's in a Tangle
  20. Shinin' Moon
Disk 3
  1. You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  2. Big Black Cadillac Blues
  3. Baby Please Don't Go
  4. Houston Rock
  5. Leave Jike Mary Alone
  6. Rock Me All Night Long
  7. Don't Treat That Man the Way You Treat Me
  8. Cook My Breakfast
  9. You Treat Po' Lightnin' Wrong
  10. I Got My Hook in Your Water
  11. Mighty Crazy
  12. My Babe
  13. Last Night I Lost the Best Friend I Ever Had
  14. Mr. Charlie (Part 2)
  15. Baby Scratch My Back
  16. Mojo Hand
  17. Shining Moon
Utgitt 2021 Format 3CD
Sjanger Blues Antall disker 3
Artist Lightnin' Hopkins Bestillingsnummer SBR7993CD