Langgaard: The String Quartets (SACD-Hybrid X 3)

Rued Langgaard

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The Nightingale String Quartet’s survey of the complete quartet works of Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) heralded the arrival of a major new ensemble and won the maverick Danish composer thousands of new fans. Poised and restrained one minute, wild and emotional the next, Langgaard’s string quartets reveal the
composer’s breathtaking originality and individuality, oscillating between
luscious Romanticism and outlandish experimentation. They are played with
love and understanding on these multiple prize-winning recordings, here gathered together in a single release for the first time.

“Simply breathtaking” San Francisco Chronicle
Young Artist of the Year – Gramophone Awards 2014
“The Nightingale Quartet understand all these aspects: the provocative vitality, the fragile romantic sensitivity and the striking intellectual
independence behind it all”
BBC Music Magazine
Disk 1
  1. Storm Clouds Receding
  2. Train Passing By
  3. Landscape in Twilight
  4. The Walk
  5. I. Poco Allegro Rapinsoso
  6. II. Presto Scherzo Artifizioso
  7. III. Tranquillo
  8. String Quartet No. 6 in One Movement, BVN160
  9. Introduction: Solenne Sostenuto, Lento
  10. Variation 1: Andante Sostenuto
  11. Variation 2: Poco Lento Sempre Tranquillo
  12. Variation 3: Lento
  13. Variation 4: Andante Sostenuto - Lento - Andante Sostenuto
  14. Variation 5: Poco Allegro Tranquillo
  15. Variation 6: Tranquillo Sospirando
  16. Variation 7: Poco Allegro Maestoso - Allegro Fiero - Piu Tranquillo
Disk 2
  1. I. Interior. Poco Andantino Semplice
  2. II. Mozart. Molto Vivace E Scherzoso
  3. III. Draabefald. Tranquillo Dolente E Misterioso
  4. IV. Rococo. Poco Con Moto
  5. I. Allegro Con Brio
  6. II. Molto Allegro Scherzando
  7. III. Lente Dolente
  8. IV. Allegro Agitato
  9. I. Andante Scherzoso
  10. II. Scherzoso
  11. III. Sostenuto - Allegro, Scherzoso
Disk 3
  1. I. Andante Ma Non Troppo - Piu Tranquillo
  2. II. Allegretto Scherzando - Piu Tranquillo
  3. III. Grave - Allegro - Grave - Allegro
  4. IV. Sostenuto
  5. I. Andante Quasi Andantino Misterioso
  6. II. Scherzoso Grazioso
  7. III. Lento Misterioso
  8. IV. Lento
  9. String Quartet Movement 'Italian Scherzo' BVN408
Utgitt 2019 Format SACD-Hybrid X 3
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 3
Artist Nightingale String Quartet, Rued Langgaard Bestillingsnummer 6200004