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Les Miserables - The Original 1985 London Cast (2CD)


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Principal cast includes: Patti LuPone, Colm Wilkinson, Frances Ruffelle. Producers: Alan Boubil, Claude-Michel Schonberg. All music written by Alan Boubil and Claude-Michel Schonberg. The songs on this recording are slightly different from those on the Broadway cast album, including a complete version of the song Little People.


Disk 1
  1. Work Song
  2. Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven
  3. What Have I Done?
  4. At The End Of The Day
  5. I Dreamed A Dream
  6. Lovely Ladies
  7. Who Am I?
  8. Come To Me
  9. Confrontation
  10. Castle On A Cloud
  11. Master Of The House
  12. Thenardier Waltz
  13. Stars
  14. Look Down
  15. Little People
  16. Red And Black
  17. Do You Hear The People Sing?
Disk 2
  1. I Saw Him Once
  2. In My Life
  3. A Heart Full Of Love
  4. Plumet Attack
  5. One Day More
  6. On My Own
  7. The Attack
  8. A Little Fall Of Rain
  9. Drink With Me
  10. Bring Him Home
  11. Dog Eats Dog
  12. Javert's Suicide: Soliliquy
  13. Turning
  14. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
  15. Wedding Chorale
  16. Beggars At The Feast
  17. Finale



Utgitt 1986 Format 2CD
Sjanger Filmmusikk Antall spor 34
Artist Musikal Label Diverse License
Leverandør Import Bestillingsnummer UNUK3615012.2


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