Les Musiques de Matisse & Picasso (CD)

George Gershwin

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  1. Figure humaine
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Marc Chagall
  4. Georges Braque
  5. Juan Gris
  6. Paul Klee
  7. Joan Miró
  8. Jacques Villan
  9. Allegretto - Allegro non troppo
  10. Concerto for Piano (Left-Hand) and Orchestra
  11. A Night in Tunisia
  12. Round Midnight
  13. Parade, ballet in 1 scene for orchestra
  14. Ouverture. Allegro moderato (Gallo: Trio Sonata 1, 1st movement)
  15. Serenata. Larghetto Mentre l'erbetta (Pergolesi: Il Flaminio. Act 1. Polidoro)
  16. Scherzino. Allegro (Gallo: Trio Sonata 2, 1st movement)
  17. Allegro (Gallo: Trio Sonata 2, 3rd movement)
  18. Andantino (Gallo: Trio Sonata 8, 1st movement)
  19. Allegro (Pergolesi: Lo frate 'nnammorato. Act 1. Vanella)
  20. Siguiriya et cabal
  21. Allegro
  22. Piano Concerto in D major (for the left hand)
  23. Rhapsody in Blue, for piano & orchestra (orchestrated by F. Grofé)
  24. Mon homme (My Man), song
  25. It's easy to blame the weather
  26. Things Are Looking Up, song (from film A Damsel in Distress)
  27. I Got Rhythm, song (from Girl Crazy, 1930)
  28. Stardust
  29. On the sentimental side
  30. Yesterdays, song (from "Roberta")
  31. West End Blues
  32. A Night in Tunisia
  33. I Can't Get Started (lyrics by Ira Gershwin)
  34. Round bout Midnight
  35. [Untitled]
  36. Andante
  37. Allegro assai