Live Shit: Binge & Purge (3CD+2DVD)


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Reissue of this five disc (three CDs + two DVDs) collection of live recordings by the Metal masters. The CDs contain recordings from concerts in Mexico City on the Nowhere Else to Roam tour. The DVDs feature footage from concerts in San Diego on the Wherever We May Roam Tour and Seattle on the Damaged Justice Tour.


Disk 1
  1. Enter Sandman
  2. Creeping Death
  3. Harvester Of Sorrow
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  5. Sad But True
  6. Of Wolf And Man
  7. Unforgiven, The
  8. Justice Medley: Eye Of The Beholder / Blackened / Frayed Ends Of Sanity, The / And Justice For All
  9. Solos (Bass/Guitar)
Disk 2
  1. Through The Never
  2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  3. Fade To Black
  4. Master Of Puppets
  5. Seek & Destroy
  6. Whiplash
Disk 3
  1. Nothing Else Matters
  2. Wherever I May Roam
  3. Am I Evil?
  4. Last Caress
  5. One
  6. Battery
  7. Four Horsemen, The
  8. Motorbreath
  9. Stone Cold Crazy
Disk 4
  1. DVD - Live In Concert
  2. Creeping Death (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  3. Harvester Of Sorrow (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  5. Sad But True (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  6. Wherever I May Roam (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  7. Through The Never (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  8. Unforgiven (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  9. Justice Medley (Eye of the beholder/Blackened/The frayed ends of sanity/...And justice for all/live in San Diego 1992 - DVD)
  10. Four Horsemen (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  11. For Whom The Bell Tolls (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  12. Fade To Black (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  13. Whiplash (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  14. Master Of Puppets (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  15. Seek And Destroy (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  16. One (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  17. Last Caress (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  18. Am I Evil (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  19. Battery (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
  20. Stone Cold Crazy (live in San Diego 1992/DVD)
Disk 5
  1. DVD - Live In Concert
  2. For Whom The Bell Tolls (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  4. Harvester Of Sorrow (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  5. Four Horsemen (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  6. Thing That Should Not Be (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  7. Master Of Puppets (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  8. Fade To Black (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  9. Seek And Destroy (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  10. And Justice For All (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  11. One (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  12. Creeping Death (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  13. Battery (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  14. Last Caress (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  15. Am I Evil (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  16. Whiplash (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)
  17. Breadfan (live in Seattle 1989/DVD)


Utgitt 2003 Format 3CD+2DVD
Sjanger Metal Antall spor 61
Artist Metallica Label Blackened Recordings
Bestillingsnummer BKRGND010.2