Lusty Songs & Country Dances of 17th Century England (CD)

Lusty Songs & Country Dances of 17th Century England (CD)

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  1. Bobbing Joe
  2. Brooms for Old Shoes, song
  3. The Traders Medley, ballad
  4. The Kind Country Lovers, broadside ballad
  5. Wee Be Souldiers Three, for consort
  6. Medley of Three Branles: Branle (Gervaise) / Branle (Du Tertre) / Branle (Susato)
  7. There Were Three Ravens, for voice(s) & ensemble
  8. Tomorrow the Fox Will Come to Town
  9. My Dog and I, broadside ballad
  10. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids, traditional dance melody
  11. Newcastle (The English Dancing Master, 1651)
  12. The Northern Lasse's Lamentation
  13. Jamaica, broadside ballad (a.k.a. "The Slow Men of London" and "The Jovial Broom Man")
  14. Nine Pins / Jenny Pluck Pears / Half Hanekin
  15. Yonder Comes a Courteous Knight, for voice(s) & ensemble
  16. St. Paul's Wharf, dance
  17. Tobacco Is an Indian Weed, ballad
  18. You Lasses and Lads, ballad
  19. Jockey's Lamentation, ballad
  20. Blue Cap, traditional dance melody
  21. The Crost People, broadside ballad (a.k.a. "A Good Misfortune" and "The Crost Couple")
  22. The Farmer's Curst Wife, folk song
  23. Lumps of Pudding (from John Playford's Dancing Master)
  24. The Broom of Cowdenknows, folk song
  25. The Chirping of the Lark / Parsons Farewell


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