Master & Pupil - The Influences & Legacy Of Claudio Monteverdi (CD)

Sestina Music

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The ‘Master and Pupil’ philosophy stems from an epoch when composers first began pilgrimages throughout Europe developing their skills and teaching other musicians and composers. This theme is the very core of Sestina Music’s own philosophy, with younger musicians placed under the wings of experienced professionals in an apprentice-like fashion. Music has always been a craft of apprenticeship, with knowledge and skill passed down through the generations from master to pupil. The inspiration at the very heart of this recording is found in the works of Claudio Monteverdi, his influences and the immense legacy he instilled in his pupils and was equally instilled in him by his own teachers. The album celebrates these legacies with music by composers including Josquin des Prez, Marc’Antonio Ingegneri, Giovanni Gabrieli and Salamone Rossi.
Utgitt 2022 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Andrea Gabrieli, Cipriano De Rore, Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Rigatti, Jacques De Wert, Jean Mouton, Josquin Desprez, Marc'Antonio Ingegneri, Mark Chambers, Salamone Rossi, Sestina Music Bestillingsnummer INV1007