My Life In Music - Limited Edition (4CD)

Lalo Schifrin

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Disk 1
  1. ´Enter the Dragon´ Main Title
  2. Samba Para Dos from ´Bossa Nova Groove´
  3. ´The Fox´ Main Title
  4. Eagle Falls in Love from ´The Eagle Has Landed´
  5. Transporting Rhino from ´Rhino!´
  6. ´Fast Walking´ Main Title
  7. Burning Bridges from ´Kelly´s Heroes´
  8. Invisible City
  9. ´Dirty Harry´ Main Title
  10. New Orleans Procession from ´The Cincinnati Kid´
  11. ´Caveman´ End Title
  12. There Is Something Out There from ´Abominable´
  13. ´Cool Hand Luke´ Main Title
  14. ´Telefon´ Main Title
  15. The Pier, the Bridge and the City from ´The Dead Pool´
  16. Love Poem for Donna
  17. Bank Robbery from ´Charley Varrick´
  18. ´Bullitt´ Main Title
  19. ´Coogan´s Bluff´ Main Title
  20. ´Rush Hour´ Main Title
Disk 2
  1. ´Joe Kidd´ Main Title
  2. Tar Sequence from ´Cool Hand Luke´
  3. The Face of Love from ´The Osterman Weekend´
  4. Calliope of Death from ´Rollercoaster´
  5. All for the Love of Sunshine from ´Kelly´s Heroes´
  6. Venice After Dark from ´The Venetian Affair´
  7. Scorpio´s View from ´Dirty Harry´
  8. The Statue of Liberty March
  9. ´Brubaker´ Theme
  10. ´The Cincinnati Kid´ Instrumental Theme
  11. The Miracle from ´Something to Believe In´
  12. Amputation Aftermath from ´The Beguiled´
  13. Che from ´Che!´
  14. El Dorado
  15. ´Sudden Impact´ Main Title
  16. Pablito/Guitarra/Padre Van Horne from ´The Wrath of God´
  17. ´Magnum Force´ Main Title
  18. ´The Amityville Horror´ Main Title
  19. Take Me to Ringerman from ´Coogan´s Bluff´
  20. Justine
  21. The Plot from ´Mission: Impossible´
Disk 3
  1. The Cincinnati Kid (Vocals from Ray Charles)
  2. Arletta Blues from ´Cool Hand Luke´
  3. ´Les Felins´ Main Title
  4. ´The Fourth Protocol´ Main Title
  5. The Forces of Darkness
  6. Finding McB from ´The Beguiled´
  7. ´Mannix´ Theme
  8. Ice Pick Mike from ´Bullitt´
  9. Bach to the Blues
  10. ´Magnum Force´ Main Title
  11. Tango Del Atardecer
  12. Chama from ´Joe Kidd´
  13. Movement from String Quartette from ´Rollercoaster´
  14. Summer Dance
  15. My Lord Don Quixote/End Title
  16. ´Rage´ End Title
  17. ´Enter the Dragon´ Main Title
  18. Tema D´amore from ´La Pelle´
  19. Last of the Independents from ´Charley Varrick´
  20. Robbery Suspect from ´Sudden Impact´
  21. ´Rush Hour´ Main Title
Disk 4
  1. Suite - Concorde: Airport 79
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Panamericana
  4. Once a Thief
  5. Resonances
  6. Montuno
  7. People Alone from ´The Competition´
  8. Intersections
  9. Agnus Dei
  10. Toccata
  11. Mission: Impossible


Utgitt 2012 Format 4CD
Sjanger Filmmusikk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 73 Artist Lalo Schifrin
Label Aleph Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer ALEP47.2