O ravishing delight - English Airs (CD)


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  1. Miserere my Maker
  2. I care not for these ladies
  3. The sypres curten of the night (The Cypress Curtain)
  4. Of all the birds
  5. What then is love but mourning
  6. Rest, sweet nymphs
  7. The Fair lover and his black mistress
  8. The Self-banished
  9. The Glory of the Arcadian groves
  10. Oh! the mighty pow'r of love
  11. In her brave offspring
  12. My time, o ye Muses
  13. O ravishing delight
  14. A Hymne to God the Father, 'Wilt thou forgive that sin'
  15. Wilt though vnkind thus reaue me me of my hart
  16. Come heauy sleepe
  17. I saw my Lady weepe
  18. Flow my teares fall from your springs
  19. Fine knacks for Ladies, cheap, choise, braue and new
  20. Shall I sue, shall I seeke for grace