Old New Borrowed And Blue - Deluxe Edition (CD)


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The monumental No. 1 album release from Slade, ‘Old New Borrowed And Blue’ was one of the seminal albums that pathed their journey to legendary status within the rock community.
Slade and BMG are proud to reissue their No. 1 smash hit LP ‘Old New Borrowed And Blue’ incased within a deluxe mediabook casing for the mass market. Slade were unstoppable throughout the seventies becoming one of Europe's biggest bands, releasing 6 smash hit albums, including three UK No-1’s, a run of 17 consecutive Top 20 singles and their hits are synonymous with the glam era. This mediabook of ‘Old New Borrowed And Blue’ is a key component of the Slade catalogue. 
  1. Just a Little Bit
  2. When the Lights Are Out
  3. My Town
  4. Find Yourself a Rainbow
  5. Miles out to Sea
  6. We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof
  7. Do We Still Do It
  8. How Can It Be
  9. Don't Blame Me
  10. 0My Friend Stan
  11. Everyday
  12. Good Time Gals
  13. I'm Mee, I'm Now, An' That's Orl
  14. Kill 'Em At the Hot Club Tonite
  15. The Bangin' Man
  16. She Did It to Me
  17. Slade Talk to "19" Readers
Utgitt 1974 Reutgitt 2022
Format CD Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 17
Artist Slade Bestillingsnummer 4050538797619

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