Purcell: Divine Hymns (CD)

William Croft

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Utgitt 2007 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 16 Artist (Les) Arts Florissants Instrumental Ensemble Orche, Claire Debono, Hannah Morrison, Henry Purcell, John Blow, Konstantin Wolff, Paul Agnew, Pelham Humfrey, Thomas Michael Allen, William Christie, William Croft
Label Virgin Classics Bestillingsnummer 0094639514427
  1. (A) Hymn on Divine Music, 'What art thou'
  2. Lord, what is man?, Z192
  3. Hosanna to the highest, Z187
  4. (The) Blessed Virgin's Expostulation, 'Tell me, some pitying Angel', Z196
  5. Peaceful is he, and most secure
  6. Saul and the Witch of Endor, 'In guilty night', Z134
  7. Close thine eyes and sleep secure, Z184
  8. Wilt thou forgive that sin
  9. (An) Evening Hymn on a Ground, 'Now that the sun hath veil'd his light', Z193
  10. Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes mei, Z135
  11. Since God so tender a regard, Z143
  12. In the midst of Life, Z17 (2 settings, before 1682)
  13. Lord, I have sinned
  14. O all ye people, clap your hands, Z138
  15. (The) Night is come, Z D77
  16. Salvator mundi