Rachmaninov: Songs, Vol. 1 (CD)

Howard Shelley

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  1. At the gate of the holy abode
  2. I shall tell you nothing
  3. Again you leapt, my heart
  4. April! A festive Spring
  5. Twilight has fallen
  6. Song of the disillusioned
  7. The flower has faded
  8. Do you remember the evening
  9. No. 1, Oh no, I beg you, forsake me not (wds. Merezhovsky)
  10. No. 3, In the silence of the secret night (wds. Fet)
  11. No. 1, The waterlily (wds. Heine)
  12. No. 4, I have grown fond of sorrow: The soldier's bride (wds. Shevchenko)
  13. No. 1, I wait for thee (wds. Davidova) (1894)
  14. No. 2, The isle (wds. Shelley)
  15. No. 7, Believe me not, friend (wds. Tolstoy)
  16. No. 11, Spring waters (wds. Tyutchev)
  17. No. 2, Morning (wds. Yanov)
  18. No. 4, Sing not to me, beautiful maiden (wds. Pushkin)
  19. No. 5, Oh thou, my field (wds. Tolstoy)
  20. No. 6, How long, my friend (wds. Golenischev-Kutuzov)
  21. No. 2, Child, thou art as beautiful as a flower (wds. Heine)
  22. No. 3, Brooding (wds. Shevchenko)
  23. No. 5, The dream (wds. Heine)
  24. No. 6, A prayer (wds. Goethe)
  25. No. 3, For long there has been little consolation in love (wds. Fet)
  26. No. 8, Oh, do not grieve (wds. Apukhtin)
  27. No. 10, In my soul (wds. Minsky)
  28. No. 4, I was with her (wds. Koltsov)
  29. No. 6, How everyone loves thee (wds. Tolstoy)
  30. No. 9, She is as lovely as the moon (wds. Minsky)
  31. No. 12, 'Tis time (wds. Nadson)
  32. No. 5, These summer nights (wds. Rathaus)
Utgitt 1996 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 32 Artist Alexandre Naoumenko, Brian Couzens & Mike George, Howard Shelley, Joan Rodgers, Maria Popescu, Richard Lee & Ben Connellan, Sergei Leiferkus, Sergey Rachmaninov
Label Chandos Bestillingsnummer CHAN9405