Revealed: The Unreleased Recordings (3CD)

Hank Williams

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Utgitt 2009 Format 3CD
Sjanger Country Antall disker 3
Antall spor 50 Artist Hank Williams
Label Time Life Records Bestillingsnummer 0610583316520
Disk 1
  1. Cold, Cold Heart
  2. Move It On Over
  3. Lonesome Whistle
  4. Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  5. Hey, Good Lookin'
  6. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
  7. Why Don't You Love Me
  8. A Mansion On The Hill
  9. Moanin' The Blues
  10. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'
  11. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  12. Mind Your Own Business
  13. Lovesick Blues
  14. Nobody's Lonesome For Me
  15. Don Helms And Sammy Pruett And The Drifting Cowboys: Twin Guitar Polka
  16. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
  17. Jerry Rivers And The Drifting Cowboys: Eighth Of January
  18. Closing Theme
Disk 2
  1. That Beautiful Home
  2. How Can You Refuse Him Now
  3. Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  4. Farther Along
  5. Calling You
  6. I Am Bound For The Promised Land
  7. Dear Brother
  8. Jesus Died For Me
  9. At The Cross
  10. Thirty Pieces Of Silver
  11. Hank & Audrey: Something Got Hold Of Me
  12. Lovesick Blues
  13. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
  14. Jerry Rivers And The Drifting Cowboys: Fire On The Mountain
  15. I Saw The Light
  16. Closing Theme
Disk 3
  1. Everything's Okay
  2. I've Just Told Mama Goodbye
  3. Where The Old Red River Flows
  4. Alabama Waltz
  5. Faded Love And Winter Roses
  6. Deck Of Cards
  7. Just Waitin'
  8. I Hang My Head And Cry
  9. Jerry Rivers, Hank Williams And The Drifting Cowboys: Orange Blossom Special
  10. I've Been Down That Road Before
  11. Steal Away / The Funeral
  12. Lovesick Blues
  13. I Dreamed About Mom Last Night
  14. Jerry Rivers And The Drifting Cowboys: Black Mountain Rag
  15. I Heard My Savior Calling Me
  16. Closing Theme