Rubinstein: The Demon (CD)

Anton Rubinstein

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  1. Overture
  2. ACT 1 - Above the earth again, Demon is flying
  3. Accursed world! Despicable world!
  4. Do not curse, but love!
  5. What is the radiance of eternal power to me
  6. Your knowledge is negation
  7. We go down to the bright Aragva each evening
  8. What do I see? I am confounded by long-forgotten dreams
  9. That's enough now, enough!
  10. Lesginka (Caucasian Dance)
  11. Child, in your embraces I shall be resurrected
  12. He was standing there, shining in a heavenly light
  13. And you shall be mistress of the world
  14. Hey!
  15. Halt, brothers, halt!
  16. Fit out a messenger to send to the Princess; My heart beats anxiously; Transformed into a falcon, I would fly to you
  17. Don't fret, don't be downcast
  18. For the health of the Prince, hurrah!
  19. What are you shouting for?
  20. Tomorrow with first light, as we set off on our journey
  21. In the darkness of the night
  22. During his prayer I lulled him to sleep
  23. Softer, softer, creep up
  24. Where are my servants?...Have they run away?
  25. ACT 2 - Hey! We have gathered togetheron this festive day
  26. Wine brings jollity and love
  27. Oh God! What a terrible dread sight
  28. Our dear Prince, our beloved Prince
  29. Do not weep, child, do not weep in vain
  30. What did he say? You heard, he called me
  31. Take the Prince's body away quickly
  32. On the ocean of the air, without rudder or sail
  33. As soon as night shrouds the mountain tops of the Caucasus
  34. Where is she? Stooping down to my head
  35. Father, my soul is suffering
  36. Let her go the holy convent, let her rest there
  37. ACT 3 - Entr'acte and scene
  38. The Christian world sleeps
  39. The holy convent sleeps, only her window is still illuminated
  40. Yes, I love her, I shall find renewal!
  41. Agitated and depraved spirit
  42. The night is warm, the night is calm
  43. The Christian world sleeps
  44. I am the one to whom you listened
  45. The words are dangerous!
  46. Your image was impressed on my soul
  47. I swear by the first day of creation
  48. Creating everything eternally good
  49. Ah, creator, I call upon you!
  50. I shall dive to the bottom of the sea
  51. I am in your hands...But take pity on me
  52. Tamara!
  53. EPILOGUE - Be gone, spirit of doubt!
  54. I cannot give her back! She is mine!
  55. No, she was not created for you! Be gone gloomy spirit!
  56. Again I am abandoned! Again alone! APOTHEOSIS:
  57. We bear the sinful soul


Utgitt 1996 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 57 Artist Alexander Anissimov, Alison Browner, Anatoly Lochak, Anton Rubinstein, Ireland National Symphony Orchestra, Leonid Zimnenko, Ludmilla Andrew, Marina Mescheriakova, Richard Robson, Valery Serkin, Wexford Festival Chorus, Wjacheslav Weinorowski, Yefim Maizel
Label Naxos Leverandør Naxos Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer 822378182