Sail On Sailor 1972 - Super Deluxe Box Set (6CD + BOK)

The Beach Boys

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The Beach Boys' Sail On Sailor collection celebrates the landmark 1972 albums Carl And The Passions and Holland. This Super Deluxe 6 CD box set features the original albums fully remastered, outtakes and session highlights from the original "Mount Vernon and Fairway" EP, plus a previously unreleased 1972 concert from Carnegie Hall. Also included is a 48-page book with extensive liner notes, rare photos and more.
Disk 1
  1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
  2. Here She Comes (Remastered 2000)
  3. He Come Down (Remastered 2000)
  4. Marcella
  5. Hold On, Dear Brother (Remastered 2000)
  6. Make It Good (Remastered 2000)
  7. All This Is That
  8. Cuddle Up (Remastered 2000)
  9. The Road Not Taken (Demo)
  10. All This Is That (A Cappella)
  11. He Come Down (2022 Mix)
  12. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Track & Backing Vocals Mix)
  13. Marcella (A Cappella)
  14. Make It Good (Aternate Mix With Intro)
  15. Cuddle Up (Alternate Mix)
  16. Carl & The Passions/Pet Sounds Promo
Disk 2
  1. Sail On, Sailor
  2. Steamboat (Remastered 2000)
  3. California Saga (Big Sur) (Remastered 2000)
  4. California Saga (The Beaks Of Eagles) (Remastered 2000)
  5. California Saga (California) (Remastered 2000)
  6. The Trader
  7. Leaving This Town (Remastered 2000)
  8. Only With You (Remastered 2000)
  9. Funky Pretty
  10. Mt. Vernon And Fairway (Theme) (Remastered 2000)
  11. I'm The Pied Piper (Instrumental / Remastered 2000)
  12. Better Get Back In Bed (Remastered 2000)
  13. Magic Transistor Radio (2022 "Sail On Sailor" Mix)
  14. I'm The Pied Piper (2022 "Sail On Sailor" Mix)
  15. Radio King Dom (Remastered 2000)
  16. We Got Love (2022 Mix)
  17. Hard Time
  18. Carry Me Home ("Holland" Bonus Track)
  19. California Saga (The Beaks Of Eagles) (1973 Single Mix)
  20. California Saga (California) (1973 Single Mix)
  21. Sail On, Sailor (2022 Mix)
  22. "Holland" Promo 1
Disk 3
  1. Concert Intro: Jack Rieley (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  2. Sloop John B (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  3. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  4. Leaving This Town (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  5. Darlin' (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  6. Only With You (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  7. Heroes And Villains (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  8. Long Promised Road (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  9. Don't Worry, Baby (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  10. Student Demonstration Time (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  11. I Get Around (Live At Carnegie Hall)
Disk 4
  1. Intro To 2nd Set: Jack Rieley (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  2. Marcella (Live At Carnegie Hall/2022 "Sail On Sailor" Mix)
  3. California Saga (California) (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  4. Help Me, Rhonda (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  5. Let The Wind Blow (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  6. Wonderful / Don't Worry, Bill (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  7. God Only Knows (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  8. Do It Again (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  9. Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  10. Wild Honey (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  11. Good Vibrations (Live At Carnegie Hall/2022 Mix)
  12. California Girls (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  13. Surfin' USA (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  14. Fun Fun Fun (Live At Carnegie Hall)
  15. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live At Carnegie Hall)
Disk 5
  1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (A Cappella)
  2. Marcella (Track)
  3. Here She Comes (Session Excerpt)
  4. Here She Comes (2022 Mix)
  5. He Come Down (A Cappella Session)
  6. Hold On, Dear Brother (Track & Backing Vocals)
  7. Steamboat (Track & Backing Vocals)
  8. California Saga (California) (Track & Backing Vocals)
  9. The Trader (Track & Backing Vocals)
  10. The Trader (Second Section A Cappella)
  11. Only With You (Alternate Mix)
  12. Funky Pretty (Track & Backing Vocals)
  13. Sail On, Sailor (Songwriting Session)
  14. Sail On, Sailor (A Cappella)
  15. Out In The Country (Version 1)
  16. Out In The Country (Version 2)
  17. Oh Sweet Something
  18. Spark In The Dark
  19. Rooftop Harry
  20. Body Talk (Grease Job)
  21. "Holland" Promo 2
Disk 6
  1. We Got Love (Live/1973)
  2. California Saga (Big Sur) (Live/1973)
  3. Funky Pretty (Live/1973)
  4. The Trader (Live/1975)
  5. Sail On, Sailor (Live/1975)
  6. All This Is That (Live/1993)
  7. Fairy Tale Music (2022 Mix)
  8. Pa Let Her Go Out (Better Get Back In Bed) (Alternate Version With Intro)
  9. I'm The Pied Piper (A Cappella Section)
  10. Radio King Dom (A Cappella Section)
  11. I'm The Pied Piper (Alternate Take Spoken Section)
  12. Mt. Vernon And Fairway (Theme) / A Casual Look (Medley / Session Excerpt)
  13. Little Child (Daddy Dear) ("Holland" Home Recording)
  14. Susie Cincinnati ("Holland" Home Recording)
  15. Gimme Some Lovin' / I Need Your Love (Medley)
  16. California Saga (Big Sur) (2022 Saga Trilogy)
  17. California Saga (The Beaks Of Eagles) (2022 Saga Trilogy Edit)
  18. California Saga (California) (2022 Saga Trilogy)
  19. Carry Me Home
  20. All This Is That (A Cappella Alternate Verse)
Utgitt 2022 Format 6CD + BOK
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 6
Antall spor 105 Artist The Beach Boys
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