Savoy Years And More (3CD)

Jimmy Scott

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Disk 1
  1. After I´m Gone
  2. Talk Of The Town, The
  3. Why Do You Cry?
  4. Rain In My Eyes
  5. Dearest Darling
  6. Be My Sunshine
  7. I´ll Be Seeing You
  8. Loneliest House On The Street, The
  9. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
  10. When Did You Leave Heaven
  11. Guilty
  12. Everybody Needs Somebody
  13. Why Don´t You Open Your Heart
  14. Time On My Hands
  15. Imagination
  16. Very Truly Yours
  17. Don´t Cry, Baby
  18. How Can I Go On Without You
  19. Street Of Dreams
  20. Someone To Watch Over Me
  21. It´s Over
  22. I´ll Never Deceive You
  23. Recess In Heaven
  24. Show Goes On, The
Disk 2
  1. If You Only Knew
  2. Am I Wrong?
  3. Laughing On The Outside
  4. I´ll Be All Right
  5. Please Be Kind
  6. Never Peace Of Mind
  7. Oh, What I Wouldn´t Give
  8. All Or Nothing At All
  9. I´m Through With Love
  10. Address Unknown
  11. I May Never
  12. What Wouldn´t I Give
  13. I Need Some Lovin´ Baby
  14. When It Comes To Love
  15. There Will Never Be Another You
  16. I´m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
  17. Once
  18. What Good Would It Be
  19. Way You Look Tonight, The
  20. Things That Are Love
  21. Everybody´s Somebody´s Fool
  22. Time On My Hands
  23. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  24. If I Ever Lost You
Disk 3
  1. Please Forgive Me
  2. How Else
  3. If You Are But A Dream
  4. Evening In Paradise, An
  5. My Romance
  6. When You Wish Upon A Star
  7. Blue Bird Of Happiness
  8. These Are The Things I Love
  9. Smile
  10. I´ll Be Around
  11. You´ve Changed
  12. Way We Were, The
  13. Anchored By My Side
  14. Can´t We Begin Again
  15. Close Your Eyes
  16. More I See You, The
  17. When I Fall In Love
  18. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?


Format 3CD Sjanger Jazz
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 66
Artist Jimmy Scott Label Import
Leverandør Import Bestillingsnummer SVJ17053.2