Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (CD)

Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (CD)

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Disk 1
  1. Act I Sean 1: Orsino's Place
  2. Act I Scene 2: The Sea-Coast of Illyria
  3. Act I Scene 3: A Room in Olivia's House
  4. Act I Scene 4: Orsino's Place
  5. Act I Scene 5: Olivia's House: Maria: May Either Tell Me Where ...
  6. Olivia: Give Me My Veil
  7. Viola: Make Me a Willo Cabin
  8. Act II Scene 1: Te Sea-Coast of Illyria: Antonio: Will You Stay No ...
  9. Act II Scene @: A Street Near Olivia's House: Malvolio: Were You ...
  10. Viola: I Left No Ring With Her
  11. Act II Scene #: A Room in Olivia's House: Sir Toby: Approach Sir ...
  12. Feste: O Mistress Mine
  13. Malvolio: My Masters Are You Mad
  14. Act II Scene 4: Orsino's Place: Orsino: Give Me Some Music
  15. Feste: Coem Away Death
  16. Orsino: Once More Cesario
  17. Viola: My Father Had a Daughter
  18. Act II Scene 5: Olivia's Garden: Sire Toby: Come Thy Ways, Signior ...
  19. Malvolio: Tis But Fortune; All Is Fortune
Disk 2
  1. Act III Scene 1: In Olivia's Orchard: Viola: Save Thee, Friend and Thy
  2. Viola: This Fello Is Wise Enough
  3. Olivia: Give Me Your Hand Sir
  4. Act III Scene 2: A Room in Olivia's House: Sir Andrew: No, Faith ...
  5. Act II Scene 3: A Street: Sebastian: I Would Not by My Will Have ...
  6. Act III Scene 4: Olivia's Garden: Olivia: I Have Sent After Him
  7. Fabian: More Matter for a May Morning
  8. Olivia: I Have Said Too Much
  9. Sir Toby: Gentlemen, God Save Thee
  10. Antonio: Put up Your Sword
  11. Act IV Scene 1: The Street Outside Olivia's House: Feste: Will You ...
  12. Olivia: I Prithee, Gentle Friend,
  13. Act IV Scene 2: A Room in Olivia's House: Maria: Nay, I Prithee Put On
  14. Feste: Hey Robin, Jolly Robin
  15. Feste: I Am Gone Sir
  16. Act IV Scene 3: In Olivia's Garden: Sabastian: This Is the Air, ...
  17. Act V Scene 1: In Olivia's Garden: Favian: Now, as Thou Lov'st Me, Let
  18. Olivia: What Would My Lord, But That He May Not Have
  19. Sir Andrew for the Love of God, a Surgeon!
  20. Sebastian: Do I Stand There? I Never Had a Brother;
  21. Olivia: Fech Malvolio Hither
  22. Feste: When That I Was and-A Little Tiny Boy


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