Sir Thomas Allen - Great Operatic Arias (CD)

London Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. Avant de quitter ces lieux
  2. Largo al factotum
  3. Vedrò mentr'io sospiro
  4. Wie Todesahnung
  5. Introduction
  6. ACT 1 - Shine, sun, bright!
  7. How did the play end yesterday; I do not know her name; If this is the case, we must get to work!
  8. At last heaven has sent us a sunny day!; But are you sure that she's not noticed you?; Happy day, I bless you; Tell us,
  9. I feel afraid! There again he is
  10. What an old witch, that Countess; Once at Versailles
  11. Se non è vero
  12. 'Tis evening...the cloudy spaces darken
  13. Fascinating!and delightful!; Yes, that's it...'My darling friends'; Come on, bright-eyed Mashenka
  14. What a noise you are making
  15. It is time now to break up your party; You need not shut the door, leave it open; What am I crying for, what is it?; Sta
  16. ACT 2 - Entr'acte; In joy and merriment
  17. Otkuda eti sliosy (Voll Unruh' all mein Sehnen)
  18. The host asks his worthy guests; I love you beyond all measure
  19. After the performance wait for me in the hall
  20. In the deep shadows; Dance of the Shepherds and Shepherdesses; My tender friend, my darling shepherd; How sweet you are
  21. 'He who is impelled by burning passion...'; The Empress! Her Majesty!
  22. Yes, everything is just as she said; And how our noble benefactress enjoys herself; Enough of your flatteries!; Je crain
  23. Don't be frightened!; What is all that noise?
  24. ACT 3 - Entr'acte; I do not believe you intended the Countess's death
  25. It is terrifying!; I have come to you against my will
  26. It is close on midnight already; Ah! I am weary with sorrow
  27. Ah, what if midnight chimes answer; Yes, I have come, my darling
  28. Drink and make merry!; Make your bids!
  29. If darling girls could fly like birds; When the weather was wet
  30. And now, gentlemen, to business; What is our life? A game!; No more play!; Prince! Prince! forgive me!; Lord, pardon him
  31. O vin, dissipe la tristesse (Brindisi)
  32. Ferma ed ascolta!
  33. Sacra la scelta è d'un consorte
  34. Ah! fu giusto il mio sospetto!
  35. Blick ich umher
  36. ACT 3 - L'orage s'est calmé
  37. O Nadir, tendre ami
  38. Act 2 - Look! Through to the port...And farewell to ye, old Rights o' Man
  39. Dieser Anstand, so manierlich
  40. ACT 1 - Verehrteste Damen und Herren (Introduction); Ballroom music
  41. So kommen Sie!...Ich bin eine anständ'ge Frau (Valencienne, Camille)
  42. Bitte, meine Herr'n (Entrance song: Hanna, ensemble); Ballroom music
  43. O Vaterland...Da geh' ich zu Maxim (Entrance song: Danilo)
  44. Ja was? ein trautes Zimmerlein (Zauber der Häuslichkeit (Val, Cam)
  45. Damenwahl!...O kommet doch, o kommt, Ihr Ballsiren
  46. ACT 2 - Ich bin, hier jetzt zu verweilen (Introduction and Dance); Es lebt eine Vilja, ein Waldmägdelein (Vilja-Lied: Ha
  47. Heia, Mädel, aufgeschaut...Dummer, dummer Reitersmann (Hanna, Danilo)
  48. Wie die Weiber man behandelt? (March-septet)
  49. Play-scene and Dance duet (Hanna, Danilo)
  50. Mein Freund, Vernunft!...Wie eine Rosenknospe (Valencienne, Camille)
  51. Ha! Ha! Wir fragen...Es waren zwei Königskinder (Finale)
  52. Komm' in den kleinen Pavilion
  53. ACT 3 - Entr'acte (Vilja-song); Maxim's music; Dance scene (Cake-walk)
  54. Ja, wir sind es, die Grisetten (Valencienne, Grisettes); Da geh' ich zu Maxim (Reminiscence: Danilo, Grisettes)
  55. Lippen schweigen (Hanna, Danilo)
  56. Ja, das Stadium der Weiber ist schwerz (Finale)
  57. ADDITIONAL NUMBERS - Overture (composed 1940)
  58. Butterflies (Grisettes: London, 1907)
  59. I was born, by cruel fate (Njegus: London, 1907)
  60. Potpourri
  61. Wie die Blumen im Lenze erblühn (arr from Ballroom Music, 'Waltz')
  62. A Real Nice Clambake
  63. Mein Sehnen, mein Wähnen (Pierrotlied)
  64. I Love You So (English version of Merry Widow Waltz)
  65. A Real Nice Clambake
  66. Mein Sehnen, mein Wähnen (Pierrotlied)
  67. Mein Sehnen, mein Wähnen (Pierrotlied)