Slaughter Of Innocence/Upon Promeathean Shores - Limited Digpack Edition (2CD)

Hecate Enthroned

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Disk 1
  1. Goetia
  2. Beneath A December Twilight
  3. The Spell Of The Winter Forest
  4. Aflame In The Halls Of Blasphemy
  5. A Monument For Eternal Martyrdom
  6. The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty
  7. At The Haunted Gallows Of Dawn
  8. Christfire
  9. Within The Ruins Of Eden
  10. The Danse Macabre
  11. The Beckoning (An Eternity Of Darkness)
Disk 2
  1. Promeathea - Thy Darkest Mask Of Surreality
  2. The Crimson Thorns (My Immortal Dreams)
  3. A Graven Winter
  4. To Feed Upon Thy Dreams
  5. An Ode For A Haunted Wood
  6. Through Spellbinding Branches (Deepest Witchcraft)
  7. Danse Macabre (new version)
  8. Luciferian Death Code


Reutgitt 2016 Format 2CD
Sjanger Metal Antall disker 2
Antall spor 19 Artist Hecate Enthroned
Label Dissonance Leverandør Border Music Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer DISS022CDD