Sound Unbound: Excerpts and Allegories From The Sub Rosa Archives (CD)

DJ Spooky

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  1. Cool Noises
  2. Medley Once Loved/a Footnote To Howl [DJ Spooky Remix] (remix)
  3. Le Buste [DJ Spooky Mix] (remix)
  4. Imagination
  5. Medley Untitled In C Minor/A Valentine To Sherwood Anderson (remix)
  6. Scratch Battle
  7. Medley Creative Act/Boujeloud (Solo Drums)/But the Pad (From Cool Noises)
  8. Paper Work Explosion
  9. Medley Perpetual Next/Pop Titles 'You'
  10. Medley Sarah/I Could Never Make That Music Again
  11. Medley Eolian Episode/Gnossienne [DJ Spooky Dub Version]
  12. Reed Phase
  13. Medley Cika-Laka/Cool Noises Pt. 2/BBB
  14. Dias Dias Diad/Above the Earth/Contacte
  15. Rozart Mix (remix)
  16. Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu (To Have Done With Go (remix)
  17. One Laptop Theme
  18. Spilled Cup [DJ Spooky Remix] (remix)
  19. General Motor Futurama
  20. Medley Erratum Musical (Score For Three Voices)/Voyage For T
  21. Medley Ghost Dub/Le Surrealisme Et Les Questions
  22. Medley First Set - Area 4/A Little Noise In the System
  23. Bora Yoon [Remix] (remix)
  24. Cinq Etudes De Bruits Etude Violette
  25. Need To Be
  26. Music In Fifths
  27. Poeme Electronique
  28. Concret
  29. One Minute - Ryoji Ikeda
  30. Audience [DJ Spooky Mix] (remix)
  31. Medley Track 01/Dong Lim
  32. Dorian Reeds
  33. Medley Corale/Ftp/Bundle/Conduit
  34. Medley Rumba Lu Georgel/I Know the Power of Words
  35. Medley Pilgrim's Song/Kala
  36. Hommage a John Cage
  37. Medley Mandolin/Acid Bassline
  38. Medley Mali Mal Mal M'halmaz/Dada-Spruche
  39. Medley Track 02/Anna Blume
  40. Week End
  41. Bendix Tomorrow People #1
  42. Medley I Can't Look For You/the Palaces of Gesar's Family [D (remix)
  43. Incantation For Tape
  44. Timesdot3
  45. Western Land


Utgitt 2008 Format CD
Sjanger Hip Hop Antall disker 1
Antall spor 45 Artist DJ Spooky
Label Sub Rosa Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer SRA281.2