Storyteller Poet Philosopher (2CD)

Tom T. Hall

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Disk 1
  1. Old Dogs Children And Watermelon Wine
  2. Magnificent Music Machine
  3. A Million Miles To The City
  4. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
  5. The Hitch-Hiker
  6. Ballad Of Forty Dollars
  7. I Hope It Rains At My Funeral
  8. Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On
  9. Strawberry Farms
  10. Watergate Blues
  11. I Want To See The Parade
  12. 100 Children
  13. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
  14. The Son Of Clayton Delaney
  15. The Old Side Of Town
  16. I Can´t Dance
  17. Last Of The Drifters (with Johnny Cash)
  18. Mama Bake A Pie
  19. A Week In A Country Jail
  20. Spokane Motel Blues
  21. Homecoming
  22. Ravishing Ruby
  23. Hello, We´re Lonely (with Patti Page)
  24. Down At The Mall
  25. Fox On The Run
Disk 2
  1. Shoeshine Man
  2. Flat Footin´ It
  3. Old Five And Dimers Like Me
  4. Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me
  5. More About John Henry
  6. Give Her My Best
  7. Pamela Brown
  8. I Flew Over Our House Last Night
  9. Molly And Tenbrooks (with Bill Monroe)
  10. The Monkey That Became President
  11. That´s How I Got To Memphis
  12. Mama´s Got The Catfish Blues
  13. I Like Beer
  14. Day Drinkin´ (with Dave Dudley)
  15. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy
  16. Salute To A Switchblade
  17. Margie´s At The Lincoln Park Inn
  18. Subdivision Blues
  19. America The Ugly
  20. Hang Them All
  21. Levi Jones
  22. Faster Horses
  23. I´m Forty Now
  24. Deal
  25. Me And Jesus


Utgitt 1995 Format 2CD
Sjanger Country Antall spor 50
Artist Tom T. Hall Label Import
Leverandør Import Bestillingsnummer MERN526992.2