Stravinsky: The Rake's Progress (CD)

Sir John Eliot Gardiner

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  1. Prelude
  2. ACT 1 - The woods are green and bird and beast at play
  3. Here I stand, my constitution sound
  4. Tom Rakewell?; Fair lady, gracious gentleman, a servant begs your pardon; I wished but once, I knew that surely my wish
  5. Farewell for now, my heart is with you; Laughter and light and all charms that endear
  6. With air commanding and weapon handy
  7. Come, Tom, I would fain have our hostess
  8. Love, too frequently betrayed
  9. The sun is bright, the grass is green
  10. No word from Tom. Has Love no voice; I go to him (Anne's cabaletta)
  11. ACT 2 - Vary the sound, O London, change!
  12. Master, are you alone?; I was never saner, Come, master, observe the host of mankind; In youth the paning slave pursues
  13. My tale shall be told; Come, master, prepare your fate to dare
  14. How strange! Although the heart for love dare everything
  15. Anne! Here! And Tom, such splendour
  16. Could it then have been known
  17. As I was saying, both brothers wore moustaches; Nothing. Speak to me!
  18. You! O Nick. I've had the strangest dream
  19. What curious phenomena are up today for sale; Do you know where Tom Rakewell is?
  20. Aha! He's here, the auctioneer
  21. Sold! Annoyed! I've caught you! Thieving!
  22. I go to him. O love, be brave
  23. Prelude
  24. How dark and dreadful is this place
  25. Very well, then, my dear and good Tom
  26. I burn! I freeze! In shame I hear my famished legions
  27. Prepare yourselves, heroic shades
  28. There he is. Have no fear. He is not dangerous
  29. Gently, little boat across the ocean float
  30. Where art thou, Venus?
  31. EPILOGUE - Good people, just a moment