Sullivan: The Yeomen of the Guard; Trial by Jury (CD)

Sir Charles Mackerras

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  1. Overture
  2. ACT 1 - When maiden loves, she sits and sighs
  3. Tower Warders, Under orders
  4. When our gallant Norman foes
  5. Alas! I waver to and fro
  6. Is life a boon?
  7. Here's a man of jollity
  8. I have a song to sing, O!
  9. Here's a man, maiden
  10. I've jibe and joke and quip and crank; I've wisdom from the East
  11. 'Tis done! I am a bride!; Though tear and long-drawn sigh
  12. Were I thy bride. Finale:
  13. Oh, Sergeant Meryll, is it true; Dids't thou not, oh Leonard Meryll; To thy fraternal care; The prisoner comes to meet h
  14. ACT 2 - Night has spread her pall once more; Warders are ye?
  15. Oh! a private buffoon
  16. Herupon we're both agreed
  17. Free from his fetters grim
  18. Strange adventure
  19. Hark! what was that, sir?
  20. A man who would woo a fair maid
  21. When a wooer goes a-wooing
  22. Rapture, rapture
  23. Comes the pretty young bride
  24. ADDITIONAL EXCERPTS - When jealous torments rack my soul (Act 1)
  25. A laughing boy (Act 1)
  26. Is life a boon? (original version).
  27. Quick March (arr of numbers for military band by J Pougher)
  28. Hark the hour
  29. Is this the Court; When first my old, old love I knew
  30. All hail, great Judge
  31. When I, good friends was called to the Bar
  32. Swear thou the Jury
  33. Comes the broken flower
  34. Oh, never since I joined the human race
  35. May it please you my lud
  36. That she is reeling
  37. Oh gentlemen listen
  38. That seems a reasonable proposition
  39. A nice dilemma we have here
  40. I love him, I love him, with fervour unceasing
  41. Oh joy unbounded.