Tchaikovsky: Romances (CD)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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  1. No. 1, Do not believe, my friend (wds. Tolstoy)
  2. No. 4, A tear trembles (wds. Tolstoy)
  3. No. 6, None but the lonely heart (wds. Mey, after Goethe)
  4. No. 2, As o'er the burning ashes (wds. Tyutchev)
  5. No. 6, My spoilt darling (wds. Mey after Mickiewicz)
  6. My genius, my angel, my friend
  7. I opened the window
  8. No. 1, Don Juan's Serenade (wds. Tolstoy)
  9. No. 2, It was in the early Spring (wds. Tolstoy)
  10. No. 3, At the ball (wds. Tolstoy)
  11. No. 4, Sleep, poor friend (wds. Tolstoy)
  12. No. 5, I bless you, forests (wds. Tolstoy)
  13. No. 5, No response, or word, or greeting (wds. Apukhtin)
  14. No. 1, We sat together
  15. No. 6, Again, as before, alone
  16. No. 6, Again, as before, alone
  17. No. 1, Cradle song (wds. Maykov)
  18. No. 2, Wait (wds. Grekov)
  19. No. 5, Thy radiant image (wds. cpsr)
  20. To forget so soon
  21. My love, stay with me


Format CD Sjanger Klassisk
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 21
Artist Claude Lavoix, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Suren Shahi-Djanyan Label Harmonia Mundi
Bestillingsnummer ZZT020101