Tell Him - Popcorn Brit Girls 1960-1962 (2CD)

Diverse Artister

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This 64-track, 2CD set focuses on the dawn of the newly emergent 60s Popcorn Brit Girl Sound, between 1960-62.

It features all the 'usual suspects' like Helen Shapiro, Susan Maughan, Julie Grant, Billie Davis (who sings the title track), Carol Deene, The Breakaways, The Vernons Girls, Maureen Evans, Kathy Kirby, Anita Harris, Jackie Trent, Louise Cordet, Lynn Cornell, Glenda Collins, etc., not forgetting Dusty, when she was still a Springfield.

Juxtaposed against newcomers like Grazina, Candy Sparling, Simone Jackson, Christine Quaite, Susan Singer, Patsy Ann Noble, Patti Lynn, Penny Calvert, Suzy Cope, Hayley Mills, Valerie Mountain, Sally Green, etc.

Also, members of the established 'old guard', embracing the new Brit Girl sound, Alma Cogan, Petula Clark, Marion Ryan, Lita Roza, Cleo Laine, Jackie Lee, Ruby Murray, Pat Reader, Lorne Lesley, etc.

This is a unique collection of hits and obscure collectors' rarities, many of the latter appearing here for the first time on CD.
Utgitt 2020 Format 2CD
Sjanger Electronica Antall disker 2
Antall spor 68 Artist Diverse Artister
Bestillingsnummer JASCD861
Disk 1
  1. Susan Maughan - Bobby's Girl
  2. Grazina - Lover, Please Believe Me
  3. Helen Shapiro - I?Don't Care
  4. Billie Davis - I'm Thankful
  5. Julie Grant - Somebody Tell Him
  6. Penny - Who Does He Think He Is
  7. Alma Cogan - He Just Couldn't Resist Her With Her Pocket Transistor
  8. The Vernons Girls - You Know What I Mean
  9. Lynn Cornell - I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
  10. Christine Quaite - Your Nose Is Gonna Grow
  11. Simone Jackson - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  12. The Breakaways - He's A Rebel
  13. The Delaine Sisters - It Might As Well Rain Until September
  14. Jackie Frisco - You Can't Catch Me
  15. Valerie Mountain & The Eagles - Some People
  16. Maureen Evans - Like I Do
  17. Kathy Kirby - Big Man
  18. Patti Lynn - Johnny Angel
  19. Ruby Murray - Forever
  20. Marion Ryan - Sixteen Reasons
  21. Petula Clark - Sailor
  22. Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby
  23. Bobbi Carol - It Doesn't Matter
  24. Suzy Cope - Kisses And Tears
  25. Carol Deene - Somebody's Smiling
  26. Beverley Jones - The Boy I Saw With You
  27. Susan Singer - Johnny Summertime
  28. Candy Sparling - Can You Keep A Secret
  29. Patsy Ann Noble - Sour Grapes
  30. Susan Hayward - You Bet I Would
  31. Patti Brook - I Love You I Need You
  32. Lorne Lesley - Ma, Let's Twist
  33. Lita Roza - Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
  34. The Springfields - Island Of Dreams
Disk 2
  1. Helen Shapiro - Don't Treat Me Like A Child
  2. Julie Grant - Lonely Sixteen
  3. Jackie Frisco - Sugar Baby
  4. The Vernons Girls - Funny All Over
  5. Simone Jackson - Pop-Pop-Pop-Pie
  6. Carol Deene - Johnny Get Angry
  7. Hayley Mills - Let's Get Together
  8. Donna Douglas - Memory Lane
  9. Sally Green - When's He Gonna Kiss Me
  10. Patti Lynn - Big Big Love
  11. The Avons - A Wonderful Dream
  12. Susan Maughan - I've Got To Learn To Forget
  13. The Delaine Sisters - Puppet On A String
  14. Jackie Lee & The Raindrops - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  15. Louise Cordet - Someone Else's Fool
  16. Alma Cogan - Dream Talk
  17. Sandra Gale - If She's Right For You
  18. Suzy Cope - Teenage Fool
  19. Maureen Evans - Never In A Million Years
  20. Susan Singer - Bobby's Lovin' Touch
  21. Lynda Graham - When I'm Sixteen
  22. Anita Harris - Mr One And Only
  23. Billie Laine - Ev'ry Chance I Get
  24. Christine Quaite - Oh My!
  25. Glenda Collins - Head Over Heels In Love
  26. Patsy Ann Noble - A Good Looking Boy
  27. OTTILIE PATTERSON - I HATE MYSELF (For Being So Mean To You)
  28. Lynn Cornell - Demon Lover
  29. Cleo Laine - You'll Answer To Me
  30. Pat Reader - Cha Cha On The Moon
  31. Petula Clark - Jumble Sale
  32. CHERRY WAINER - MONEY (That's What I?Want)
  33. Jackie Trent - The One Who Really Loves You
  34. Billie Davis - Tell Him