The Best Of The Battlefield Band/Temple Records: A 25 Year Legacy (2CD)

The Battlefield Band

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Disk 1
  1. Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite/Deserts Of Tulloch
  2. Lady Leroy
  3. Christ Has My Hart Ay
  4. Rantin' Rovin' Robin
  5. Joseph McDonald's Jig/Snuff Wife/Thief Of Lochaber
  6. Lord Haddo's Favourite
  7. Yew Tree
  8. Pilgrim's March/Scarlet & Black/Struggle/Struy Lodge
  9. Frideray
  10. Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa/Hyo Y Frwynen/E Kostez An
  11. I Ha'e A Wife/Tarbolton Jig/Tarbolton Lodge
  12. Rovin's Dies Hard
  13. Miss Sarah MacManus/Appropriate Dipstick/Cape Breton Fiddler
  14. River
  15. Snow On The Hills/Xesus & Felisa
  16. Concert Reel/Green Mountain
  17. Bodachan A Gharaidh/General MacDonald/Craig An Fhithich
  18. Last Trip Home/Luckenbooth
  19. Happy Daze
Disk 2
  1. Lass O' Patie's Mill/Timor The Tartar/Da Merrie Boys O' Gree (with Fiddlers Five)
  2. Seann Oran Seilge (An Old Hunting Song) (with Mac-talla)
  3. Sgt. Early's Dream (with Pat Kilbride)
  4. Butterfly Chain (with Brian McNeill)
  5. Limbo Ships (with Jim Hunter)
  6. Miss Campbell Of Sheerness/Bill Harte's Jig/Rory MacLeod
  7. Caoineadh Rioghail (with Alison Kinnaird)
  8. Tell Tae Me (with Heritage)
  9. Mary Weep For Me No More/Willie Cameron/Sandy MacNab (with Allan MacDonald & Gordon Walker)
  10. Toiseach Na Traghad (with Flora MacNeil)
  11. Tribute to Peggy McGrath/John McKenna's Jig (with Seamus Tansey)
  12. Hogmanay/Atholl Highlanders (with Peter Nardini)
  13. Madam Maxwell (with Maire Ni Chathasaigh)
  14. Do Ghaidheil Shiatail (with Christine Primrose)
  15. Boys Of The Puddle/Scullion's Wife (with John McCuske)
  16. Hornpipes/John Mackenzie's Fancy/Dr. John McInnes' Fancy/Tra (with)
  17. Love No More (with Alan Reid)
  18. Hawk Of Ballyshannon (with Ann Heyman)
  19. Puirt-A-Beul (with Edith Mackenzie)
  20. Mount Your Baggage/Go To Berwick Johnny (with Gordon Mooney)
  21. Lyk As The Lark (with The Rowallan Consort)
  22. Blind Mary (with Sean McAloon)
  23. Gradh Geal Mo Chridh' (with Arthur Cormack)
  24. Bayou Pom Pom (with Deaf Heights Cajun Aces)
  25. Sweet Suspicion (with Mike Whellans)


Utgitt 2003 Format 2CD
Sjanger World Music Antall disker 1
Antall spor 44 Artist The Battlefield Band
Label Import Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer TEM2091.2