The Conspiracy (CD)


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  1. Intro
  2. Made You Shit Your Pants (with Copywrite Yak & Cage)
  3. Missy Done Justice (with EL-P & Camu Tao)
  4. 10 Times (with Copywrite)
  5. React Shun (with Tame-One Copywrite & Jakki)
  6. Illuminati Guy
  7. What Happen To Dat Toy (with Cage Tame-One)
  8. Volume (with Yak)
  9. Mhz Over Megahertz (with Copywrite Jakki & Camu Tao)
  10. Slick Talkin' (with Tame One)
  11. Where I Wanna Be (with Yak & Camu Tao)
  12. Columbus (with Jakki & Copywrite)
  13. Beverly Crabs (with Cage)
  14. Chtis Lightly (with Vast Aire)
  15. Come To Daddy (with Nighthawks)
  16. Concerto (with Tame One)
  17. Gangster (with S.A. Smash)
  18. Fried Fish (with Breezley Brewin Tame-one Cage)
  19. Left In The CLip (RJD2 remix with Weathermen)
  20. Every Rapper In The House Shut The F%#k Up (with Copywrite Cage Yak)


Utgitt 2003 Format CD
Sjanger Hip Hop Antall disker 1
Antall spor 20 Artist Weathermen
Label Eastern Conference Leverandør Border Music Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer ECLP1001CD