The Divine Punishment (USA-import) (CD)

Diamanda Galas

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The first album in her Masque of the Red Death trilogy, The Divine Punishment is one of the most jarring works of art produced in response to the AIDS epidemic, and a milestone in Diamanda Galás's artistry and activism. Galás uses her famous voice both as an orational instrument and as well as a physical representation of AIDS and those it afflicts. The album features the panphonic dirge work of Galás, accompanied by analogue synthesizers played by Dave Hunt. The texts are primarily taken from the Old Testament, contrasting the hectoring lawmakers of Leviticus with the desperate appeals of the Lamentations and Book of Psalms (Psalm 22, 59, and 88). In doing so, she indicts those who use religion to instigate the witch hunts that inevitably accompany real and perceived plagues. Today, The Divine Punishment sounds no less audacious than when it was released in 1986, but one hears it with a sense of shared trauma and a renewed call to action. Galás imbues all her work with the crushing weight of history-the hypnotic cadences of her vocal work are precisely aligned to the liturgical texts employed. Remastered with exceptional clarity by mastering engineer Heba Kadry working from the original mixes by London-based producer/composer Dave Hunt, it's a work of great empathy, solidarity, and physical power. Coming amid another pandemic marked by ignorance and division, it's anger and fervor feels remarkably urgent.
  1. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: I. This Is the Law of the Plague
  2. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: II. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies
  3. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: III. We Shall Not Accept Your Quarantine
  4. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: IV. Deliver Me
  5. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: V. Why, O God?
  6. Deliver Me from Mine Enemies: VI. Psalm 22
  7. Free Among the Dead: I. Psalm 88
  8. Free Among the Dead: II. Lamentations Chapter 3 (Exc.)
  9. Free Among the Dead: III. Sono L'Antichristo
Utgitt 1986 Reutgitt 2022
Format CD Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 1 Artist Diamanda Galas
Bestillingsnummer ITVL6.2