Time Passages - Limited Edition Box Set (3CD + DVD)

Al Stewart

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Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a four-disc deluxe limited edition boxed set (comprising 3 CDs and a DVD) Of ‘Time Passages’, the legendary album by Al Stewart first released in September 1978.

This new deluxe edition of this special album has been newly remastered for the very first time from the original first-generation master tapes by Alan Parsons and also features his stunning new 5.1 Surround sound mix from the original multi-track tapes. In addition, the set includes single edits, an album session out-take, four demo tracks recorded in Los Angeles in August 1977 and for the first time the complete concert recorded at the studios of WKQK-FM in Chicago in October 1978.

This limited edition boxed set also features an illustrated 68-page book with a new essay featuring an interview with Al Stewart and a facsimile promotional poster and a set of four postcards and is a fitting tribute to a much treasured and legendary masterpiece by a consummate songwriter and performer.
Disk 1
  1. Time Passages
  2. Valentina Way
  3. Life in Dark Water
  4. A Man for All Seasons
  5. Almost Lucy
  6. Palace of Versailles
  7. Timeless Skies
  8. Song On the Radio
  9. End of the Day
  10. Tonton Macoute
Disk 2
  1. Time Passages (Single Version)
  2. Song On the Radio (Single Version)
  3. Tonton Macoute
  4. Life in a Bottle
  5. The Palace of Versailles
  6. The Hollywood Sign (On St. Stephen's Day) [timeless Skies]
  7. Time Passages
  8. Life in Dark Water
  9. The Palace of Versailles
  10. Valentina Way
  11. The Pink Panther
  12. Song On the Radio
Disk 3
  1. One Stage Before
  2. Life in Dark Water
  3. Roads to Moscow
  4. Sirens of Titan
  5. The Palace of Versailles
  6. Valentina Way
  7. Year of the Cat
  8. The Pink Panther Theme
  9. Song On the Radio
  10. Carol
Disk 4
  1. Time Passages (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  2. Valentina Way (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  3. Life in Dark Water (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  4. A Man for All Seasons (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  5. Almost Lucy (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  6. The Palace of Versailles (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  7. Timeless Skies (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  8. Song On the Radio (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
  9. End of the Day (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
Utgitt 1978 Reutgitt 2021
Format 3CD + DVD Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 4 Artist Al Stewart
Bestillingsnummer QECLEC42732