Tormis: Forgotten Peoples (CD)

Veljo Tormis

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  1. Waking the Birds
  2. Day of a Herdsboy
  3. Shrove Tuesday
  4. Wee Winky Mouse
  5. Sang the Father, Sang his Son
  6. The ritual whisking of the Bridge
  7. The arrival of Wedding Guests
  8. Mockery singing
  9. Distributing the Dowry Chest
  10. Instructing the Newly-Weds
  11. Praising the Cook
  12. When I, Chick, was growing up
  13. Creation of the World
  14. The call of three cuckoos
  15. The Wedding Song
  16. A Son or a Daughter
  17. Recruitment
  18. Oh, I'm a luckless lad
  19. My mouth was singing; My heart was worrying
  20. A Sword from the Sea
  21. Incantation of Snakes
  22. Undarmoi and Kalervoi
  23. Röntuska I (Dance Song)
  24. Röntushka II
  25. Röntushka II
  26. Chastuska I (Village Party Songs)
  27. Chastuska II
  28. A Roundelay
  29. Röntushka IV
  30. Röntushka V
  31. Ending and going home
  32. My Sister, my little cricket
  33. Urging her into the boat
  34. Heavenly Suitors
  35. I went to Kikoila
  36. Cuckoo and cuckoo
  37. I went to fetch some water
  38. Pussy-cat, pussy-cat
  39. I'd like to sing you a song
  40. Where did you sleep last night?
  41. What are they doing at your place?
  42. The ox climbed a fir tree
  43. Forced to get married
  44. A Cradle song
  45. The only son
  46. Toot-toot, Herdsboy
  47. A Weeping Maiden
  48. Suitors from the Sea
  49. A thrall in Viru
  50. The Oak Cutter
  51. A lullaby


Utgitt 1992 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 2
Antall spor 51 Artist Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tönu Kaljuste, Veljo Tormis
Label ECM New Series Leverandør Naxos Norway AS
Bestillingsnummer 4342752