Valente: Intavolatura De Cimbalo, Napoli 1576 (CD)

Paola Erdas

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Antonio Valente, blind Neapolitan. This is how the composer, an adopted Neapolitan, signed his name in his fundamental Intavolatura de Cimbalo of 1576, the first book dedicated exclusively to harpsichord and composed with the special and complex musical notation invented by the composer. Celebrated in his time and esteemed throughout the subsequent centuries, Valente has been unfortunately neglected in our time. An author of contrasts, his music transmits both cultured and refined writing, in addition to containing an everyman quality; his exquisite flavor infuses wisdom and affability with enchantment and seduction. On this album recorded on two invaluable instruments from the 16th century, the music of Valente is surrounded by compositions of contemporary Spanish realm composers, recreating the musical ambience of sumptuous Spanish Naples. The program closes with a piece from a musician that best represents the continuation of the Valente’s style, glorifying the magnificent and exuberant early baroque: Sir Carlo Gesualdo of Venosa with the Canzon Francese del Principe.
  1. Cinco Diferencias Sobre Conde Claros
  2. Conde Claros En Doze Maneras
  3. Gagliarda Napolitana Con Molte Mutanze
  4. Recercata Dell'ottavo Tono
  5. Tenore Grande Alla Napolitana Con Sei Mutanze
  6. Recercata Del Primo Tono
  7. Tenore Del Passo E Mezo Con Sei Mutanze
  8. Recercata Del Settimo Tono
  9. Tenore De Zefiro Con Dodeci Mutanze
  10. Pisne, Disminuita
  11. La Romanesca Con Cinque Mutanze
  12. Fantasia Del Primo Tono
  13. Lo Ballo Dell'intorcia Con Sette Mutanze
  14. Chi La Dirra, Disminuita
  15. Recercata Del Terzo Tono
  16. Bascia Flammignia
  17. Sortemeplus Di Filippo De Monte Con Alcuni Fioretti D'Antonio Valente
  18. Ballo Lombardo
  19. Pavana IV - Gagliarda Lombarda - Gagliarda Lombarda Con Alcuni Fioretti
  20. Canzon Francese Del Principe
Utgitt 2021 Format CD
Sjanger Klassisk Antall disker 1
Artist Antonio Valente, Paola Erdas Bestillingsnummer HSP005