Vaughan Williams: Hugh the Drover (CD)

Alice Coote

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  1. EXCERPTS ACT 1 - Buy, buy, buy! Who'll buy?
  2. Who'll buy my sweet primroses
  3. Cold blows the wind on Cotsall
  4. Ballads! Buy me ballads, pretty ballads!
  5. As I was a-walking on morning in spring
  6. Bless! What's this?
  7. Show me a richer man in all this town
  8. See, see here they come! Way for the morris men!
  9. They're gone!...My husabnd that's to be!
  10. Sweetheart, life must be full of care
  11. Alone I would be as the wind and as free
  12. Hey! She will obey
  13. Sweet little linnet that longs to be free
  14. Horse hoofs, thunder down the valley (Hugh's Song of the Road)
  15. Mary, come back I say!
  16. In the night-time I have seen you riding (Love duet)
  17. Mary! Mary!
  18. Who'll fight? A fight! Who's for a fight?
  19. Brave English lads, lovers of manly sport
  20. Down, down with John the Butcher!
  21. Alone and friendless, on this foreign ground I am to die
  22. Are you ready? Go!
  23. Hugh the Drover!
  24. Oh, the devil and Bonyparty
  25. ACT 2 - Past four o'clock, and dawn is coming
  26. Gaily I go to die
  27. Hugh! My dear one!
  28. Rise up, my Mary; come away
  29. Dear sun, I crave a boon
  30. O I've been rambling all this night
  31. Here, queen uncrowned, in this most royal place
  32. The soldiers!
  33. Dropped from the ranks on a winter night
  34. Now you are mine!
  35. Halloo! Halloo, Mary and Hugh