Waiting For The Night (CD + BLU-RAY)

Audrey Horne

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AUDREY HORNE has a reputation as one of the best and most energetic live hard-rock bands in Europe. Over the course of 18 years, six albums and a countless live shows, they have continued to prove this. Now AUDREY HORNE has merged the highlights of two of their legendary concerts on vinyl and CD for the first time ever.
Waiting For The Night contains 16 energetic tracks that were recorded live at the "USF Verftet" and "Bergfesten" in their hometown Bergen (Norway) in 2018: passionate, rousing, timeless, extraordinary hard rock that leaves nothing to be desired.
Starting with their debut No Hay Banda, reaching all the way to their latest studio album Blackout, the listener will be taken on an excellent trip through the memorable career of the band around the exceptional Norwegian musicians Toschie (vocals), Ice Dale (guitar - Enslaved) and Thomas Tofthagen (guitar - ex-Sahg).
Fans will get excited about the bonus Blu-ray, which contains many rarities of the bands history, including bonus features that date back to the early years as well as live excerpts from the years 2014 and 2018.


Disk 1
  1. This Is War
  2. Audrevolution
  3. Youngblood
  4. Blackout
  5. Pretty Little Sunshine
  6. Out Of The City
  7. Sail Away
  8. Midnight Man
  9. Light Your Way
  10. California
  11. Weightless
  12. Threshold
  13. Blaze Of Ashes
  14. Waiting For The Night
  15. Redemption Blues
  16. Straight Into Your Grave
Disk 2
  1. Redemption Blues (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  2. Straight Into Your Grave (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  3. This Is War (Paris 2018)
  4. Blackout (Bergenfest 2018)
  5. Wolf In My Heart (Verftet, Bergen 2014)
  6. Youngblood (Bergenfest 2018)
  7. Weightless (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  8. Pretty Little Sunshine (Paris 2018)
  9. Sail Away (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  10. Threshold (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  11. There Goes A Lady (Verftet, Bergen 2014)
  12. Waiting For The Night (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  13. Blaze Of Ashes (Verftet, Bergen 2018)
  14. The Beginning (Early Days Bergen 2003-2004)
  15. Uken 2006
  16. Release "Audrey Horne" Bergen 2010
  17. Paris 2018
  18. Karmøygeddon 2019


Utgitt 2020 Format CD + BLU-RAY
Sjanger Hardrock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 34 Artist Audrey Horne
Bestillingsnummer NPR917DP

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