Yell4o Years (2CD)


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The YELL4O YEARS 2CD Best Of contains 41 tracks and all the classics, hits and evergreens from the Zurich sound lab: “Oh Yeah”, “The Race”, “I Love You”, “Bostich”, “Vicious Games”, but also new fan favourites like “Waba Duba”, “Limbo” or “Spinning My Mind”.
Disk 1
  1. Bimbo (Solid Pleasure)
  2. Pinball Cha Cha (Claro Que Si)
  3. The Evening's Young (Claro Que Si)
  4. Bananas To The Beat (Solid Pleasure)
  5. I Love You (1980-85 The New Mix In One Go)
  6. Lost Again (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess)
  7. Bostich (N'est-Ce Pas?) [1980-85 The New Mix In One Go]
  8. Daily Disco (Claro Que Si)
  9. Vicious Games (Stella)
  10. Oh Yeah (Stella)
  11. Blender (Baby)
  12. Goldrush (One Second)
  13. Tied Up (Essential Yello)
  14. La Habanera (One Second)
  15. Rubberbandman (Baby)
  16. Jungle Bill (Baby)
  17. Night Train (Zebra)
  18. Tremendous Pain (Zebra)
  19. Houdini (Motion Pictures)
  20. Base For Alec (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess)
  21. Liquid Lies (Yello By Yello)
Disk 2
  1. Electrified II (Toy)
  2. Soul On Ice (The Eye)
  3. Don Turbulente (The Eye)
  4. Planet Dada (The Eye)
  5. '000 Days (Toy)
  6. Arthur Spark (Point)
  7. The Vanishing Of Peter Strong (Point)
  8. Distant Solution (The Eye)
  9. Mean Monday (Yello Book Download 2011)
  10. Cold Flame (Toy)
  11. Dialectical Kid (Toy)
  12. The Expert (Touch Yello)
  13. Basic Avenue (Point)
  14. Waba Duba (Point)
  15. Limbo (Toy)
  16. Spinning My Mind (Point)
  17. Tiger Dust (The Eye)
  18. Way Down (Point)
  19. Hot Pan (Point)
  20. The Race (Live In Berlin 2016)
Utgitt 2021 Format 2CD
Sjanger Pop Antall disker 2
Antall spor 41 Artist Yello
Bestillingsnummer 0602435602219

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