Zick Zack (Single) (Incl. 40pg magazine, 6 posters and 30 stickers) (CD)


Denne varen er dessverre ikke lenger tilgjengelig. Legg igjen e-postadressen din for å få beskjed dersom varen blir tilgjengelig igjen.

For the physical release of their new single, Rammstein are publishing a teen-style “Zick Zack Magazine”. The 40-page magazine contains stories, photos and interviews on the theme “Prettier, Bigger, Harder” as well as a reader’s letter column called “The Dr Flake Botox Box”, an XXL poster, six posters and 30 exclusive Rammstein stickers. And of course, the 2-track single CD is included with the magazine.

Popular music, popular artists should always strive to surprise listeners - with good ideas, powerful and at times unexpected content, as well as great songs - something that Rammstein succeeds in doing again and again.

At any rate, the rumour that emerged at the beginning of April that the Berlin band had invested in a “beauty clinic” by the name of “Zick Zack” certainly spread like wildfire.

Fans around the world called the “Zick Zack” hotline to make an appointment, find out more about the clinic or even to talk to the team of experts.

The lyrics for “Zick Zack” and the video do in fact deal with what is nowadays often a compulsive tendency on the part of the individual towards self-optimisation, sometimes through radical alteration of the visual appearance by use of the scalpel.

  1. Zick Zack Original Version
  2. Zick Zack (Boys Noize Remix)
Utgitt 2022 Format CD
Sjanger Metal Antall disker 1
Antall spor 2 Artist RAMMSTEIN
Bestillingsnummer 0602445538010

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