10 Years of Rialto Pictures (DVD - SONE 1)

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Since 1997, Rialto Pictures has been helping to keep classic cinema alive and invigorated by bringing the world’s greatest films to theaters across the United States, in phenomenal restored 35 mm prints. This special gift box set, in celebration of Rialto’s tenth anniversary, features ten films that display the breadth of its collection, including works by Rialto favorites, Jean-Luc Godard, Robert Bresson, Luis Buñuel, and Jean-Pierre Melville.

Army of Shadows (1969)
Jean-Pierre Melville’s unforgettable portrait of French Resistance fighters during the German occupation is one of the great filmmaker’s most grandly tragic works.

Au hasard Balthazar (1966)
An angelic donkey suffers for the sins of man in Robert Bresson’s devastating, transcendent portrait of human greed and folly.

Band of Outsiders (1964)
In Jean-Luc Godard’s breezy B-noir free-for-all, the unwittingly seductive Anna Karina agrees to aid her two male admirers in their plot to steal from her aunt.

Billy Liar (1963)
Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie were launched to stardom in John Schlesinger’s soberingly comic vision of an imaginative young man’s dead-end Yorkshire existence.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)
Though elegantly attired and occupying posh settings, a group of friends find themselves unable to finish a meal in Luis Buñuel’s surreal, hilarious social satire.

Mafioso (1962)
In Alberto Lattuada’s classic dark comedy, Alberto Sordi takes his wife and daughters on vacation from modern Milan to old-world Sicily to visit his relatives—and gets caught up in some nefarious family business.

Murderous Maids (2000)
Jean-Pierre Denis’ harrowing film is the definitive screen version of the case of the Papin sisters, the servants who murdered and mutilated their mistress and her daughter in pre–World War II Le Mans.

Rififi (1955)
In Jules Dassin’s seminal crime caper, four ex-cons plot to crack a Parisian jewelry store’s safe. It’s one last heist, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

The Third Man (1949)
Carol Reed’s unforgettable noir—in which pulp writer Holly Martins arrives in postwar Vienna in search of his suspiciously deceased friend, black-market opportunist Harry Lime—remains one of cinema’s most stunning experiences.

Touchez pas au grisbi (1954)
In Jacques Becker’s thrilling crime drama, Jean Gabin is aging gangster Max Le Menteur, whose plans to retire following a huge heist are curtailed when his partner tells his unfaithful moll, played by a young Jeanne Moreau, about the cash.


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