11:14 (DVD - SONE 1)

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How is it possible that 11:14 went virtually unreleased in theaters? Destined for sleeper status on DVD (and given a slightly higher profile by Hilary Swank's subsequent Oscar-winning performance in Million Dollar Baby), the audacious debut of writer-director Greg Marcks boasts a fantastic cast in a smartly constructed comedy/thriller, partly inspired by Blood Simple, in which a fatal traffic accident is examined and re-examined from multiple perspectives.

The flashback structure involves all of the characters and events that lead up to the accident's deadly occurrence at 11:14 on an otherwise pleasant evening in Middleton, a typical suburb of Anytown, USA (filmed in the vicinity of Los Angeles). Marcks's screenplay attracted an impressive ensemble cast (costar Swank also signed on as an executive producer), and they're all given equal time as the intertwined plots are revealed. They include Rachael Leigh Cook (whose bad-girl behavior sets the chain of events in motion); Patrick Swayze and Barbara Hershey as her worried parents; Swank and Shawn Hatosy as would-be criminals with a dimwit plan; Henry Thomas as a drunk driver whose involvement is deeper than we realize; and Colin Hanks as one of three teenage vandals on a fast track to trouble. With falling corpses, graveyard sex, reckless gunplay, and a severed penis, it's all in good, grisly fun (apart from intricate plotting, Marcks has no lofty agenda up his sleeve), and there's ultimately not much point to its random misfortune, but 11:14 is clearly the work of a promising filmmaker, worthy of rediscovery on DVD. --Jeff Shanno

Vi gjør oppmerksom på at produktet ikke har norske undertekster.

  • Deleted scenes
  • Static storyboard gallery
  • Making-of featurette: 46 Minutes to Midnite
Produksjonsår 2003 Format DVD
Sone Sone 1 Sjanger Thriller
Antall disker 1 Spilletid 1 timer 26 minutter
Aldersgrense 15 Undertekster Engelsk, Spansk
Lydformater Dolby Digital 5.1 (Engelsk), Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Widescreen 1.85:1 Anamorphic
Regissør Greg Marcks Skuespillere Barbara Hershey, Colin Hanks, Henry Thomas, Hilary Swank, Patrick Swayze, Rachel Leigh Cook, Shawn Hatosy
Bestillingsnummer NEWL8389DVD

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