A Blood Pledge (UK-import) (DVD)

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fter her sister Eon-ju (Kyeong-ah Jang) commits suicide by jumping from the roof of her school building, Jeong-eon (Shin-ae Yu) chooses to investigate the unexpected incident further. Speaking to three of her sister's friends she is told that the four girls had previously made a suicide pact and that Eon-ju was the only one to fully commit. But now that the other girls have abandoned their friend and cheated the pledge, Eon-ju has come back from beyond the grave to make them pay...


Produksjonsår 2013 Utgitt 2013
Format DVD Sone Sone 2 - Import
Sjanger Skrekkfilm Antall disker 1
Spilletid 1 timer 28 minutter Aldersgrense 18
Undertekster Engelsk Lydformater Dolby Digital 5.1 (Koreansk)
Bildeformater Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic Regissør Jong-yong Lee
Skuespillere Eun-seo Son, Kyeong-ah Jang, Min-jeong Song, Yeon-su Oh Bestillingsnummer MBF045
Leverandør Gardners