Anthrax - Through Time P.O.V. (DVD)

Anthrax - Through Time P.O.V. (DVD)

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The metal scene in the 1980s was turned on its head by the presence of Anthrax, a skate-crazy hip-hop loving group who enjoyed toying with the conventions of the genre. The band helped put thrash metal on the map with a slew of classic albums in the 1980s, and were one of the first to merge rap with metal via their cult hit 'I'm the Man' and their historic collaboration with Public Enemy on the 1991 remix of PE's 'Bring the Noise'. This release charts their eclectic career through live performance footage and previously unseen interviews. 557130 Orthodox Chants From Russia is a nice album of basic choral chants from the Opina Pustyn Male Choir, formed in St. Petersburg a mere eight or nine years ago. The repertoire of the choir includes some bits of secular music, but here they present solely the spiritual end of things. The album starts with a nice call-and-response rendition of a psalm, then moves into the litany that opens Orthodox services. More pieces of psalms are presented, as are a number of stichera (poetry sung between psalms), ending on a Hail Mary. The performance is kept in a rather austere form throughout the proceedings, but the depth of the voices works well with it to add a level of power. There are some parallels to be heard here with related styles, such as Gregorian chant and Byzantine chant (and even Kosovar Islamic chant), but at the same time there are aspects specific to the Russian version of Orthodoxy. Give it a listen for the beauty of the polyphony. ~ Adam Greenberg


  1. Metal Thrashing Mad
  2. Madhouse
  3. Indians
  4. I'm the Man
  5. I Am the Law
  6. Antisocial
  7. Who Cares Wins
  8. In My World
  9. Got the Time


Produksjonsår 1991 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 1 Skuespillere Anthrax
Artist Anthrax Bestillingsnummer PPCR009DVD
Leverandør Playground