Arena - Smoke & Mirrors (DVD)

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Arena's Smoke and Mirrors is a terrific presentation from the packaging to the performance, the fun doubled and tripled with all the extra little goodies tucked inside this wonderful package. You'll need to spend a lot of time with this one, from the September 22, 2005 concert at Poland's Wyspiaski Theatre to fan footage taped October 16, 2005 in Holland. There's a biography of the band itself you can read, as well as separate bios for the players, so those new to Arena can catch up on drummer Mick Pointer, bassist Ian Salmon and their comrades. But it's the concert itself that is the centerpiece and the camera work and edits are absolutely flawless on most of the songs. The depth of the production is such that it is as close to 3-D as you can get on a flat screen with the camera movement and additional lenses following the musicians on the instrumental passages, weaving the imagery in a solid collaboration of sound and film. That said, there are sometimes too many quick cuts to vocalist Rob Sowden on "A Crack in the Ice" when a lingering shot would be easier on the nervous system. A minor distraction on an otherwise impressive filming. The band plays as smooth and sleek as a Mercedes on the 14-minute epic "Solomon," the use of the crane giving some exquisite video sweeps. The acoustic "Friday's Dream" is lovely and a nice contrast to the anthem feel of "Crying for Help VII." A four-page booklet is included along with Clive Nolan and Mick Pointer interview footage and more bells and whistles that are imbedded in a classy sandstone-style graphic. Very excellent for fans of the group, and a pleasant surprise for those who have never encountered Arena. ~ Joe Viglione
Produksjonsår 2006 Format DVD
Sjanger Musikk Antall disker 1
Spilletid 2 timer 35 minutter Skuespillere Arena
Artist Arena Bestillingsnummer MMPDVD063
  1. Bedlam Fayre
  2. Crack in the Ice
  3. Midas Vision
  4. Elea
  5. Hanging Tree
  6. State of Grace
  7. Don't Forget to Breathe
  8. Smoke and Mirrors
  9. Purgatory Road
  10. Waiting for the Floods
  11. Medusa
  12. Shattered Room
  13. Chosen
  14. Skin Game
  15. Witch Hunt
  16. Enemy Without
  17. Solomon
  18. Friday's Dream
  19. Crying for Help VII
  20. Crack in the Ice
  21. Elea
  22. Hanging Tree
  23. State of Grace
  24. Medusa
  25. Crying for Help VII