Babylon 5: The Complete First Season (UK-import) (DVD)

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The complete first season of the popular science fiction drama series. In 'Midnight on the Firing Line' Sinclair tries to negotiate the Narn withdrawal from Raghesh 3, where Londo's nephew is based. 'Soul Hunter' has Sinclair rescue a lost alien who later preys on the souls of dead Minbari. 'Born to the Purple' sees Londo, the Centauri ambassador, become infatuated with Adira when she tries to get her hands on some important files. 'Infection' finds Dr Hendricks flouting the rules when he smuggles several strange artefacts on board. In 'The Parliament of Dreams' G'kar believes that his assassination is imminent and trusts no-one around him - especially his new aide Na'Toth. 'Mind War' has Talia Winter's former lover, rogue telepath Jason Ironheart, arrive on the station, with PsiCorps' Bester following in close pursuit. 'The War Prayer' sees tensions run high when a group of fanatical human terrorists infiltrate Babylon 5, threatening the lives of all alien races. 'And the Sky is Full of Stars' finds the crew racing to save Commander Sinclair when he is abducted by a clandestine organisation with links to Earth. 'Deathwalker' has Babylon 5 visited by a cruel and sadistic war criminal responsible for thousands of alien deaths. 'Believers' sees Dr Franklin determined to operate on a child whose culture forbids surgery. 'Survivors' finds Chief Garibaldi accused of an assassination attempt on Earth President Santiago. In 'By Any Means Necessary' a tragic accident in the docking bays is blamed on obsolete equipment and a vicious labour dispute arises. 'Signs and Portents' has a group of interstellar mercenaries abduct a Centauri nobleman while he is carrying a precious artefact. 'TKO' sees Garibaldi get involved with an illegal boxing match. 'Grail' concerns a spiritual crusader who arrives on the station and falls in with bad company. 'Eyes' finds the staff's loyalty under investigation by an Internal Affairs investigator from Earth. 'Legacies' has the threat of another inter-stellar war loom large when the corpse of a Minbari warrior is stolen. 'A Voice in the Wilderness', a two part story, sees Sinclair and his team forced to investigate strange emanations from the planet below. 'Babylon Squared' finds the crew overtaken by a horrifying vision of the future. 'The Quality of Mercy' concerns a disgraced doctor who confronts the dilemma of a lifetime when he arrives on the station. Finally, in 'Chrysalis', Garibaldi discovers vital evidence in the case of the assassinated Earth President.


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