Betty Boop - The Essential Collection Volume 1 (DVD - SONE 1)

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Regarded as one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen; she was a symbol of the Depression era and a reminder of the more carefree days of the Roaring Twenties. Her popularity was drawn larger from adult audiences and the cartoons, while seemingly surreal, contained many sexual and psychological elements. "Boop-Oop-A-Doop" The queen of the animated screen returns to allure and entice audiences all over again in this fantastic four-volume compilation featuring many of her greatest adventures.

Volume One includes 12 animated short films available for the first time on DVD. All 12 shorts were produced by Max Fleischer and directed by his brother Dave Fleischer. Featuring the voices of Mae Questel, Bonnie Poe and Ann Little as Betty Boop. Also featuring guest voices of Cab Calloway, Jack Mercer, William Pennell and The Royal Samoans.

This collection includes the cartoons Chess Nuts (1932), Betty Boop, M.D. (1932), Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle (1932), Betty Boop For President (1932), Betty Boop's Penthouse (1933), Betty Boop's Birthday Party (1933), Betty Boop's May Party (1933), Betty Boop's Halloween Party (1933), Betty Boop's Rise To Fame (1934), Betty Boop's Trial (1934), Betty Boop's Life Guard (1934), and The Foxy Hunter (1937)

Newly re-mastered in HD from 4K scans of the original negatives and finegrains.


Produksjonsår 1932 Format DVD
Sone Sone 1 Sjanger Komedie
Antall disker 1 Spilletid 1 timer 24 minutter
Aldersgrense 12 Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk)
Bildeformater Fullscreen 4:3, Sort/Hvitt Regissør Dave Fleischer
Skuespillere Ann Little, Bonnie Poe, Cab Calloway, Mae Questel Bestillingsnummer OLV685DVD